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  1. nhancakes

    2013 Beats internal battery

    Hi all,   As a preface, I've owned TF10s, Grado sr60, Alessandro MS1, and currently use Monster MD Tributes.  I've received the 2013 matte black Beats as a birthday gift, and I've enjoyed them for what they are - stylish, good comfort and decent sounding with hip hop (albeit annoying ANC...
  2. nhancakes

    JH13 deal

    saw this on FB   "Here at JHAudio, we LOVE the JH13-it's feeling a little left out these days.. so TODAY, May 13, from 12pm-4pm we will be offering the best promo ever! Use code: LOVE413 to purchase the JH13 for $899! (offer only available in the JHA Store.) JHAudio sales are random...
  3. nhancakes

    Eureka! Mod to make MDR-V6 finally sound decent...

    Can you describe the foam some more? 
  4. nhancakes

    Hallelujah its the site is back up

    Not a fan so far, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.
  5. nhancakes

    10 photographs that changed the world

    Quote: Originally Posted by Pepsi Alright, this is why i hate top 10's or Top #. There's always going to some guy stating where this? where's that? Sorry if they missed it, don't take it personally. Christ. it allows for discussion. did you want everyone to just nod and say cool...
  6. nhancakes

    Hardcore - Crust, Powerviolence, Grind, Anarcho etc. all welcome

    Hm I don't really listen to any of the artists mentioned in this thread, but I like Amebix, Discharge, GISM, Hellshock, Doom, Children of Technology...
  7. nhancakes

    R.I.P. Peter Steele (Type O Negative)

    I remember Descent 2. I personally love Peter Steele's work in Carnivore. Retaliation is one of my favorite albums.
  8. nhancakes

    Anti-Folk/Folk Punk

    not quite sure what anti-folk is, but based on Jeffrey Lewis, the first artists I thought of were the Mountain Goats.
  9. nhancakes

    Lets Talk Metal

    Quote: Originally Posted by Frequen C Thankfully this is true. Bands are probably driving thousands of fans away for being satanist, even if their just messing around. The bands who choose to have satanic imagery and themes probably don't want anything to do with "fans" who are...
  10. nhancakes

    Lets Talk Metal

    My extent with atmospheric BM would be Beherit - Drawing Down the Moon.
  11. nhancakes

    100$ headphones for heavy metal

    Quote: Originally Posted by Drubbing This site has a fascination for pads affecting the sound, sometimes claimed to be huge differences. I can't hear any, so I stick the comfies, because they are. Definitely a huge difference between comfies and bowls. I remember listening to a...
  12. nhancakes

    Anyone go to any gigs on there own?

    Went to Megadeth and Kreator backtoback nights by myself. Met some guys at the bar, talked to people at the show. a bunch of people recognized me from the night before, so I guess if you frequent the scene you run into a bunch of the same people and BAM, you got new friends to go to shows with.
  13. nhancakes

    Lets Talk Metal

    Quote: Originally Posted by MaZa Dude, Amon Amarth is one of my fav bands. I like the synchronized hair spinning, especially when crowd is with them, sort of suits the tremolo melody line they play at same time. Yeah, it might seem bit cheesy, but AA do not take themselves that...
  14. nhancakes

    Lets Talk Metal

    Gotta a good weekend coming up: testament,exodus and megadeth on friday night and then kreator,kataklysm,lazarus AD,evile and lightning swords of death on saturday night
  15. nhancakes

    Katatonia - "Night Is the New Day" (For fans of Porcupine Tree, The Cure & Opeth)

    Give me oldd Katatonia! Loved Dance of December Souls and October Tide's Rain Without End. Brilliant albums. Latter day Katatonia is fine, and I enjoyed Viva Emptiness, but those old albums were magical!
  16. nhancakes

    Lets Talk Metal

    the whole Final Holocaust album by Massacra is great, I haven't heard Enjoy the Violence though. Speaking of oldschool death/thrash bands, I think Master's self titled is a classic. Love it.
  17. nhancakes

    Significance of DAC/AMP

    It may have something to do with that we're gadget junkies and having new shiny toys to play with. I've never had a dac so I can't comment, I definitely like my headphones out of my old receiver, but that's just because I can tweak with the knobs and change the sound to my liking.
  18. nhancakes

    post pics of your headphone set up and listening area

    How did you get that Dynakit? Was it restored at all? I'm interested in getting one as my first tube amp, but I'm totally unaware of all the work that needs to be put into it.
  19. nhancakes

    Budget-fi members, post your rigs...

    Ipod Nano 8gb 2nd gen($250 back then) + Sony MDRV6($80) Pioneer TT ($90) + Resored Marantz 2230 ($150) + InfinitySS2001 bookshelf (free)
  20. nhancakes

    Do you think you're done?

    I keep thinking about it but then I keep finding boxsets and old jems on vinyl that I gotta buy first.
  21. nhancakes

    Possible Headphone Damages

    I don't know, but just try listening to them and see if they still work fine.
  22. nhancakes

    Lets Talk Metal

    New BM discovery for me, but Goatmoon rocks! the picture of the guy is hilarious on M-A Goatmoon on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  23. nhancakes

    Anybody watching Breaking Bad on AMC?

    Superb show, I only watched it when I had cable on campus a couple years ago, but it was one of my favorites.
  24. nhancakes

    Lets Talk Metal

    Procreation - Incantations of Demonic Lust for the Corpses of the Fallen is pretty cool if you like blasphemy. They're from the same Ross Bay scene I believe.