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  1. Scorpio(DDMF)

    Anybody heard Philips HP-895?

    They look nice and retail for 65E locally. Are they any good? Cheers!
  2. Scorpio(DDMF)

    Finally, an MTP-> UMS conversion IS possible for iRiver's T series!

    You can find more info on the links below: Summary: Until now, all of T series bought in US & EU were MTP devices, while units bought in the rest of the world were UMS by default. It is now posssible to convert...
  3. Scorpio(DDMF)

    Recommendation for an op-amp

    Hi, After I removed the mute transistors on my cd-player, the whole system's sound "brightened", thus giving me ear fatigue quite fast. Current op-amp in the cd-player's I/U section , the op275, was replaced with some cheap JRC, giving me more ear-firendly sound, but I want something better...
  4. Scorpio(DDMF)

    Philips canal-phones (HE-590/00)

    Hi, I was wondering if somebody has any info on these phones': They will be used with iRiver imp-400.... THX Cheers
  5. Scorpio(DDMF)

    MSI Mega Player 515 VS. iRiver iFP-190TC

    I'm trying to decide between theese two players... They are in the same price range, and have simular features... iRiver is a well known player and MSI is almost a newcomer... Wich one is a better choise for the price? MSI Mega Player
  6. Scorpio(DDMF)

    Iriver imp-400 and audio cd anti-shock (problem or not?)

    HI... Just found out something about my player (imp-400 red) that I wasn't aware of... I was hardly using it with audio CDs on the go (most of my "portable" listening material are mp3 cds), and one day I put some compilation (audio cd) that I've just burned (nice, quality media, 8x speed) in...
  7. Scorpio(DDMF)

    Cable replace/upgrade on PX200

    Just wanted to ask if anybody did this, and what were the results? The stock cable seems to thin to me... (maybe it's just me? ) I want to replace the stock cable with some generic headphone cable that's thicker (nothing fancy, standard quality), but I don't now how to open (safely)...
  8. Scorpio(DDMF)

    Buying PX-200 in Toronto…

    My friend is over there, and she has only found 1 store that has them for 115 Canadian dollars? Does Sennheiser have an authorized dealership in Toronto, or do you know any store that has them for a lower price? BTW: Because she’s over there just for 7 more days, I think that there is no...
  9. Scorpio(DDMF)

    Turttle Beach Montego II...

    What do you think about this card? Anybody has it? I've found it used for 6$ It will be used (mostly) for mp3 192 VBR, and movie playback ... Phones : PX100 , amp: Cmoy (if needed) How do you like it's sound? Any suggestions welcome... Cheers
  10. Scorpio(DDMF)

    Help building Cmoy Headphone amp...

    I want to build the CMOY portable headphone amp, but I can’t seem to pass the “Parts” table Can someone post partlist for this version of the amp ? THX