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  1. Jimmysilvers

    Akg K-512

    Hello, I have just seen the following headphones in a local music shop: Here Does anyone know anything about them ? There appears to be no reviews on the internet yet !
  2. Jimmysilvers

    Which Amp for Shuffle & Etymotic ER6s

    Hello, I was wondering which pocket amps are well matched for an ipod shuffle and my Etymotics. I suppose another question I should ask is, as the shuffle already has a quite good output is an amp really required or show an improvement. I am not looking to spend too much, any thoughts on...
  3. Jimmysilvers

    Zhalou 1.3 Dac Headphone Upgrade. (56k Beware)

    I have just installed the headphone upgrade for my Zhalou 1.3 Dac. The installation was relatively trouble free. I used the very useful installation photos on the Zhalou The new headphone section not only improves the headphone output, it also allows you to by-pass the dac using...
  4. Jimmysilvers

    Av710 No sound

    Hello I have just installed a new av710. I first of all used the drivers on the cd and the card installed fine. But no sound is heard from any of the sockets. I then tried the via drivers as suggested by a guide of the forums and I get an error message and the envy panel program will not...
  5. Jimmysilvers

    Rio Nitrus - One Happy Owner

    Hi With an impending trip on the cards. I decided it was time I got myself something more portable than my Sony mp3 cd walkman. I did not want to spend too much and my local computer shop had lots of Creative Muvo 512mb n200s in stock ($149 cdn), but they had for just an extra $30, a Rio...
  6. Jimmysilvers

    Myryad MC100 anyone heard one ?

    Hi I maybe getting hold of a Myryad MC100 and I wondered if anyone has experiences with this player. I know it is a bit of an older model now, but I was wondering how it sounds. Any opinions would great. Cheers James