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    Question about Eagle CAD PCB layout

    Hello,          I am having trouble to set up an restriction area for OPAMP. I don't want the ground plane to cover the OPAMP socket. Should I use restrict or keepout layer ?   Best Kee
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    Brush noise from the pot.

    I noticed that my alps RK097 pot has a noise problem when I turn the shaft really fast. It only happen to the right channel ( where the metal shaft directly connected to). you need a low impedance ear phone to hear the problem (i am using UE ). But if you turn the pot really slow, you will not...
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    Question about transformer without center tap.

    Hello everyone,                        I found a transformer on digikey which is 10VA, 2X110V primary 2X12V secondary. The schematic is attached below:                   My question is, can I simply combine the two terminals of the output to make a ground?                    Like this...
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    Couple questions about my pocket amp design

    Hello Everyone,                          I am trying to make a pocket amp and I am having troubles with Virtual ground circuit design. The Sch is shown below:                                                                      I have a tle2426 to get the middle voltage from 2 9...
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    A have a question about a transistor

    1 .Can we use this Ic (transistor?) to bulid an Amplifier? If yes , how can we use it ? 2.Some one told me that only pair-transistor (such as B647/D667) can be used for amplifier, is that ture? thanks alot