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  1. music_4321

    Final Audio Design -- Piano Forte IX (aka 1602SS) vs 1601SS

    Piano Forte IX (aka 1602SS) vs 1601SS (photos posted below) Having found a sort of music soulmate in the form of the Piano Forte IX (aka 1602SS) --I've never heard a phone that, in my view, taps into Music the way the IX does-- I decided to get the 1601SS, an IEM I obviously wanted to hear...
  2. music_4321

    FitEar F111 — Impressions, Reviews & Discussion (previously TO GO! 111)

    First off, a HUGE thanks to tomscy2000 for being ever so alert and always looking out for new, often exciting and not infrequently innovative offerings in the world of IEMs. It was through his TO GO! 334 thread that I first became aware of the FitEar F111, which was then called TO GO! 111.  ...
  3. music_4321

    Are (High-end) Custom IEMs Overrated?

    EDIT (2nd June 2011): At the time I started this thread two years ago most customs were $850+. These days one can get customs that are a lot cheaper. How good are they? I've no idea. Most reports of the JH5, for instance, say they are very good. But, you still face a low re-sale value if you...