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  1. angelom

    New AirPods 3rd Generation (2021)

    You can looking at the new specs in the Apple website or you can looking below. I love the standard AirPods (AP) from the first day they releasing about 5 years ago. I still using my AP every day, specially for calls, podcasts and sometimes for watching a quick youtube video. The new model...
  2. angelom

    NEW Microsoft Surface 2 ANC Headphones

    (*I use MS2 for referring to the Microsoft Surface 2 headphones*) Positive: Very, very comfortable and ergonomic headphone (I having problems of discomfort with new Sony xm4 for example). Very good exciting sound for the consumers in general (this isn't flat / neutral sounding headphone, but...
  3. angelom

    NEW Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H95 ANC Headphones - Reviews & Impressions

    New model by Bang & Olufsen is Beoplay H95:
  4. angelom

    Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus Impressions

    I beginning this post saying that in last months I trying many anc (active noise cancelling) headphones not earphones. I trying Bose qc35 II, nc700, Bowers & Wilkins px and px7, Bang & Olufsen h9i and h9 3g, Sennheiser m3 wireless (and momentum true wireless earphones), Master & Dynamic mw65...
  5. angelom

    Apple AirPods Pro - Impressions

    Today I receiving the AirPods Pro (I calling 'app' below). Here is my opinion: The sound quality of the app I think is engaging very much, many more than old airpods, but is very correct, isn't Diffuse field curve sound but is more like the Harman target curve sound (Harman curve is I think...