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  1. koiloco

    Wyred4sound DAC2 DSD or Yulong DA8

    Hi DAC warriors,  I have narrowed my choices down to these 2 DACs to try out next and have couple questions :   For those who are lucky enough to have owned both, which one would you prefer for strictly SQ? For Yulong DA8 past/current owners, any problem with build quality/operation...
  2. koiloco

    96kHz 24bit delta-sigma DAC

    Hi All,   Quick question!  I have a multi-track recorder(Zoom R24) that I use to record into my DAW for my home studio.  It has a 96kHz 24bit delta-sigma DAC but I could not tell which brand.  I know that I don't need another DAC in the chain before my headphone amp (I recently start mixing...