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  1. lucozade

    Denon AH-C710

    I have always fancied trying a set of denon's ,so when i saw the now aging AH-C710 in a local store i decided to pick up a set and put them through there paces and see how denon's top in ear phone stacks up to the other phones i own .   At less than half the price of phones like the w4 or...
  2. lucozade

    Iine out doc cable ,ipod to amp

    Does anyone know where i can get a quality new line out dock cable from within the uk  ,hi fi head phones are out of stock ? , mine has developed a fault 
  3. lucozade

    ibasso heron p3+

    can enyone tell me how rolling the buffers affect the sound ,and can you put a duel opamp into the v socket only or the g socket ,so for instance have an opamp in the g socket and a buffer in the v socket . thanks