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  1. banco-sg

    Focal New TOTL headphones?

    With the recent discounts of elear and utopia, and i also read somewhere that focal is releasing new totl. Anyone heard about this?
  2. banco-sg

    Utopia Balanced Cable

    Just got my Utopia, any suggestion for the balanced cable? I saw Surfcables is selling with many connector options, is it good?
  3. banco-sg

    Z1R & HD800S vs Utopia

    I will just keep this short, i got bitten by TOTL bug, and i have been thinking ever since... Should i let go my Z1R & HD800S, which i purchased recently, and get 1 Utopia instead? Or should i just keep it for more versatility? The only problem with utopia is the weight..., i can feel it on top...
  4. banco-sg

    Can anyone recommend a good warm IEM?

    Hey guys, Can anyone recommend a good warm IEM? I have a max budget of $1000. It must be warm and versatile to any music. So far i have auditioned Weston W60, but still looking for more ideas. Thanks in advance!
  5. banco-sg

    Need advice on DAC/AMP combo

    Hi, First time posting here, but i have been a frequent visitor from time to time. I recently upgraded my headphone to MDR-Z1R (from DT880 pro), but it left me wondering whether i should upgrade my DAC/AMP or not. I am currently using Asus Xonar Essence STX (with op-amps upgraded to Burson...