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  1. FlyingDonkey

    Fiio utws3 compatibility

    Hello, i am looking to buy this Bluetooth adapter tws but is there a way to pair it with kz as10 or something like that which use 2pin 0.75mm??? I am looking for an 0.75mm to mmcx adapter but non is found. Some say that 0.75mm 2pins and 0.78mm 2pins are compatible to each other but? Someonen or...
  2. FlyingDonkey

    mp3? player with THE sound quality, bluetooth file transfer, memory card slot and hardware keys.

    Hi there, i am looking for a portable sound device with some futures required. I need it to have: 1. Great sound quality, i don't care what kind of sound codek it'll play ( mp3? mp4? flac? ) 2. Bluetooth conection for file transfer ex. from a mobile phone, 3. File manager so i can delete...