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  1. moredes

    My Singlepower Supra Experience - Why mine almost blew up like a Hand Grenade (and yours might too)

    I think I've done this right--I think I remember some saying that I should post pictures of my MPX3 in the DIY section and link it back to here asking for anyone who is willing to inspect it. For those who're willing, please tell me at the DIY thread what's what with my MPX3 SLAM...
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    Please inspect my Singlepower MPX3

    Hope my pictures turn out right...I can see'm. Would ya'll inspect my MPX3 SLAM's configuration and tell me if you can, what transformer and capacitors I've got, and anything else you deem important. From its' operating behaviour, nothing seems amiss, but I'd like to confirm the unit's...
  3. moredes

    Denon D2000 Problems!

    How 'bout contact cement (a.k.a., "rubber cement")? If it doesn't work, it's soft enough to remove with surgery tweezers. You'll have to set up the cans so they're assembled tightly while the glue dries, but that shouldn't be any problem. My first instinct is to wonder why you're goin' round...
  4. moredes

    Singlepower amp registry

    I have an MPX3 SLAM that I bought used in May last year (2008). I'll try and find out what the production date was.
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    Denon 5000 and the MPX3 Slam Headphone Amplifier

    Hey Guys, I know this is a dormant thread, but I thought I'd report, since ya'll have helped me so much with your suggestions (and others doing research on Denon AH-D's vs. tube amps might benefit even just a little from yet another 6385 endorsement). Ever since forever, back when all...
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    MPX3 6BL7 question

    I've been running 6BL7GT/A's in my MPX3 SLAM since forever after trading emails with SACD-Lover. Here is the information he sent me, verbatim and unedited: Quote: The MPX3 SLAM .... can use the 6BL7GT/6BX7GT. But the amps built with the 5687 in mind are not optimized for the 6BL7GT...
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    Denon AH-D7000

  8. moredes

    If you were to do it all over again, what would it be?

    I, too, only regret not changing my source sooner. I did a lot of reading and I think I bought correctly the first time for my HP and amp. Then again, I had some fine advice from Grado2fan, Skylab, and SACD-Lover to name a few. Search out their posts and you'll probably spend your money...
  9. moredes

    What is "PRAT"?

    the Glossary... DUH! Thanks for that. I hope someone comes along and explains the definition, though... I mean, I understand the words, "PRaT: pace, rhythm, and timing" but I sure can't glean any meaning out of it when describing the difference between 'phones... Never heard a "boxer's...
  10. moredes

    What is "PRAT"?

    Sorry for the ignernt question. I couldn't find it with a search nor Google. I've seen this term used when discussing a headphone's sound reproductive qualities. Thank you.
  11. moredes

    Best Amp for the Denon D5000?

    Quote: What about the Meier Corda Opera? Has anyone successfully driven the D5000 with this amp? During the time when I had both, this was one of my all-time favorite combinations of amp and headphone. The Opera and the Denon are terrific together. Skylab, If you liked it so...
  12. moredes

    Tube amps--dielectric grease?

    I've got a couple of tubes that are really tight. I use a rubber jar/bottle top gripper (like the ones given out as complimentary "gifts") to remove them, and they're still a bear to get out. Wiggling doesn't normally make me itch, but these tubes go in and come out tight. I'm thinkin' of...
  13. moredes

    Which of the "big three" is better at rock?

    Quote: Some folks might say Denon D5000 are adequate for the purpose - but, personally I prefer RS-1 (using semi-vintage pair) for Rock and incidentally, instrumental jazz. BushGuy, Why do you prefer the RS-1's over Denon D5000's for rock? I'm a big classic rock fan--mostly bass...
  14. moredes

    recommendation needed for an "audiophile" SACD Changer

    Thank you all. Some of this is so new to me, I don't understand what's being recommended to upgrade the Sony player. I do think the discussion went off tangentally discussing the merits of the OPPO more than the problems with the Sony. However, that's not a bad thing--there's a lot discussed...
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    recommendation needed for an "audiophile" SACD Changer

    Soundboy, Which Marantz are you suggesting? Monolith, Quote: Are you using them as transports, or are you using the analogue outs on the players? If you're using the analogue outs, consider getting a good DAC and using the CE595 as a transport. I don't understand the...
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    Non-snake oil surge protectors for A/V equipment

    Dunno where you are, but some power companies will sell and install whole-house surge protectors for a song (actually, it cost me $154 as I recall--and with the $25,000 guarantee, I thought that was a 'song'). But I didn't trust it completely, so my system is wired through an old PowerWedge...
  17. moredes

    Will this work!

    No offense meant--if you like what the Technics does for Bose speakers, you won't believe what you hear when you get your Singlepower. Take your wallet out, put it over your heart, and repeat after me.... after all, it's Sunday-- "et nomine patris, et fili, et spiritus sancti..."
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    Question about selling (I know this is not the selling thread)

    How'd he get feedbacks as a buyer?? I'm short, too, and I can't reply to the FS posts in time to make a difference. I've sent several PM's, three within 30 minutes of the original sales post, but someone posting on the actual thread has always trumped me... and my messages in PM have always been...
  19. moredes

    6SN7GTB in MPX-3s and Supras with high-power option

    I'm new to this and not real knowledgeable, but from my perspective, I have a coupla questions. What are you using for a driver tube, and what were your "bad experiences" with the 6BL7's and BX's? I like the BLGTA's for their 'retained' warmth and openness (I know--kind of a contradiction in...
  20. moredes

    Idiot tube amp questions from a newbie

    I'm wondering--what do they do? I don't hear any hum when I disconnect my input sources, nor when they're connected and the volume is adjusted on the HA louder than I normally listen. Do dampers lessen the effects of vibration from music? Or, without hum, are they not necessary? Thank...
  21. moredes

    SS vs. tube

    RDS: Quote: SS produces mainly 3rd order harmonics whereas tubes produce 2nd order. Stealth 'choppers... must be Special Forces. I thought I felt it... and I know it went right over my head, but I didn't even hear it... I swear it went by... but... What does the quoted statement...
  22. moredes

    How much would it cost to set up a listening station?

    All I wanted to do was listen while my wife was asleep in the room on the other side of the wall.... I thought--Denon AH-D5000!! It's getting some damn good reviews... $450 later, I realized my "headphones out" on my HK receiver is a real pig, and I started lookin' for an HA. Lookin', lookin'...
  23. moredes

    SS vs. tube

    I worded my post badly and left the wrong impression. I bought a used MPX3 SLAM that came with several tubes. I've heard the EH tubes that were included, and my MPX3 is now set up with a Mullard ECC32 and two Tung Sol 5687s. But I was just wondering what SS has to offer over tubed headphone amps...
  24. moredes

    PANIC time... ECC32 vs. MPX3 SLAM??

    Quote: A few words regarding the Mullard CV181 (ECC32): This tube is highly sought-after. BUT, it is NOT a 6SN7. It is an ECC32, which is NOT a drop-in replacement for 6SN7. As mentioned earlier, the current draw for this tube is 50% higher than a 6SN7. This will blow most power...
  25. moredes

    Arrgggh... MPX3 SLAM transformer configuration compatibility?

    I'm driving a set of Denon AH-D5000 cans (the infamous "low impedance" hurdle). Just when I settled on a Mullard ECC32 and two Tung Sol-D 5687's, I got bit; I gotta stop reading this forum... I'm ready to try acquiring a 2C51 adapter and pairing it with a couple of 6BL7GTA's. However, I'm...