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  1. lakedmb

    DT990 Pro Impressions Thread

    Sorry if this has been asked, but what are the main differences between the pro and premium versions?
  2. lakedmb

    Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

  3. lakedmb

    Philips Fidelio X2?!

    Great idea. It's frustrating trying to find the posts about a users experience with these cans from an audio perspective. I picked up a pair of these during the deal and I'm loving them! Comfortable and sound great!
  4. lakedmb

    Massdrop Collaborations ....What IF?

    A Massdrop/HiFiMan collaboration could be stellar!
  5. lakedmb

    Newbie looking for some entry-level headphone advice

    I agree on the AKG K553 deal going on over at I think for the price, $119, they are incredibly hard to beat. I was working on a paper last night and listened to them for roughly 5 hours straight without any discomfort, while wearing glasses. I can run them off my desktop with...
  6. lakedmb

    Finally got the M50x (Coming from Dre Solos)

    I'm definitely not an expert in the headphone world, but I'm guessing that you would benefit from an external amp.
  7. lakedmb

    Best sealed over-ear headphones around 100$.

    Congrats! I'm sure you'll enjoy them. I'm running mine with a Fiio X10K, with the bass boost on, and am loving this combo. It plugs into a USB port on your computer.
  8. lakedmb

    Best sealed over-ear headphones around 100$.

    I'd recommend these as well!  Down to about 200 pairs left.
  9. lakedmb

    Looking for some new headphones for $100-$200 currently has their AKG K553 Pro Studio Headphone for $119, but you should act quick since they only have a limited supply.  
  10. lakedmb

    Need help buying new headphones

    I personally have been very impressed with my Audio-Technica ATHCLR100.  I use them on a regular basis in the gym and they do a great job, especially when you consider their $15 price!  I truly think they compete with IEM in the $50-100 price range.
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