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  1. jupitreas

    Reply to review by 'jupitreas' on item 'Sennheiser Momentum 3'

    Just FYI, if you're using Windows 10 with a recent version on your PC, it is very likely that it is in fact streaming aptX to the headphones, and not SBC. You'll probably need a thrid-party app to confirm this though. Furthermore, people usually complain about SBC being used, but it should be...
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    The NEW ATH-ES700..

    I think it is. There is a lot of plastic used in the hinges and this has a tendancy to crack. Mine cracked a while ago and since they are no longer on warranty, it pretty much prevents me from using them anymore.
  3. jupitreas

    Low Impedance vs. High Impedance? Huge Difference?

    This doesn't sound like it has anything to do with impedance at all. Your cans have an impedance of 42 Ohms and the sound card should have no problem driving them. You can't 'burn out' headphones with an impedance mismatch, you could only perhaps damage them if you play them too loud. With this...
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    The NEW ATH-ES700..

    Not sure if anyone discovered this yet but the Urbanears Zinken pads are quite a good option for the ATH-ES700. They only cost 5 USD and are MUCH plushier than the stock pads, its like having cushions on your ears. They also do not seem to affect the sound a whole lot, or at least I can't hear a...
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    Does "Reference" actually mean anything?

    I've always understood the term 'reference' to mean the same thing as 'monitor' but with the implication that the headphone is of very high quality (ie. a high-end monitor). 
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    Sennheiser HD25 Aluminium 25th anniversary edition review

      While they have different drivers, if we look at frequency response charts of the Amperior and the standard HD25, it is clear that they sound nearly identical. In other words, the 18ohm drivers are tuned to sound like the standard 70ohm drivers.    Based on your comparison, the Alu and the...
  7. jupitreas

    Did Ultrasone remodel their line?

    Yes, I've heard good things about the SIGNATURE line but the price seems like overkill for me :) I'm not really in the market for a closed headphone these days anyway as I am fully satisfied with my modified Amperior :)
  8. jupitreas

    Did Ultrasone remodel their line?

    Yes, as much as I applaud your call for research and using appropriate terminology, I do not personally require this lesson. The Pro900 seems not to be particularly sensitive but this just means that a 'modest' amp might not be able to make it play very loud. I personally don't care about this...
  9. jupitreas

    Did Ultrasone remodel their line?

    Would be possible if that figure was quoted by Ultrasone anywhere in their specs for the headphone, but it is not...   Sorry, the Pro900 is just too piercing for any kind of warm amp to make it sound nice. As for burn-in = sorry, it does not yield such huge improvements in sound (if any at...
  10. jupitreas

    Did Ultrasone remodel their line?

    lol, technically, being a 40ohm headphone, the Pro900 should not need a dedicated headphone amplifier to sound good... either way, I've tried them with all kinds of equipment and they always sounded terrible. the treble was so piercing, i still feel pain when i remember what they sounded like. 
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    Alessandro MS1 Headphones

    Well, you're not saving too much on this eBay auction in comparison to just buying them straight from Alessandro so I think it would be safer to just buy straight from the source. You can buy the case seperately if you want one.   The 'i' is simply a newer version of the Alessandro MS1...
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    Audio-Technica ATH-M50 or Shure SRH840 ?

    Quote: My guess is that the first one is actually the T40RP, while the third one might be the T50RP stock. The second one might have been modded by the seller to make it sound even better, but if this is just some random eBay seller, I would be careful with buying a pre-damped T50RP. It...
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    Sennheiser HD25 Aluminium 25th anniversary edition review

    Quote: What amp are you using with the amperior? I find the bass to be very controlled when driving the Amperior from a low output impedance amp but with amps that have an output impedance above around 2 Ohms, the bass becomes poorly damped and loses control. I also don't really have any...
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    Sennheiser HD25 Aluminium 25th anniversary edition review

    I am also quite interested to read the comparison, as a happy Amperior user. My wild guess is that the Aluminium will be a tad brighter and will have significantly better damping due to higher impedance. The Amperior is somewhat problematic since it doesn't play well with sources that have a...
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    To be fair though, it is impossible to judge the pleather's quality just by looking at it, one would need to feel it to really know what they are like. I will admit that judging by looks alone, they don't seem to be of very high quality....   Furthermore, since Tomb pointed out the other...
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    Audio-Technica ATH-M50 or Shure SRH840 ?

    Quote: Then you likely tested the new version. I guess we all have different ears as I found it rather neutral. Not quite the Beyerdynamic DT250 level of neutrality, but quite neutral nevertheless. 
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    You might be right, this could just be an overhyped average product, but I am still somewhat intrigued. I don't think they look so much like the v6, have you ever owned one? The V6 is actually rather well built considering its price and its a somewhat classy looking headphone, while the SMB-02...
  18. jupitreas

    The Audio Technica M50 studio monitor thread

    Quote: But the Beyer pads destroy their sound... I found that it is instead better to cover the original pads with a layer of velour/cotton/other material.
  19. jupitreas

    Munitio PRO40

    The gold rings look tacky but otherwise they are rather nice-looking. I'd be interested to hear some first-hand impressions on how they sound.
  20. jupitreas

    Great all all around portable headphone under $400

    Sennheiser Amperior is the way to go, or perhaps the new aluminum HD25 might be similarly awesome (haven't heard it myself). Basically, it solves all of the HD25-1 II's issues by taming the harshness and using more comfortable (soft) velour earpads. It has a slight V-shaped sound signature but...
  21. jupitreas

    Just joined today. Advice on new set needed. Thanks in advance!

    You can probably find a Sennheiser HD25-1 II for around 150$ if you are willing to buy online or go second hand. They are indestructible so you can probably buy a very good second-hand pair. I'd say that in your price range, they are your best option for the sound you are looking for. They have...
  22. jupitreas

    AKG K240 Studio | Comparison & Review

    If you use the official AKG K240 velour pads, your sound signature won't change too much, as they have been designed to keep the sound signature intact. The main difference I noticed when listening to a K240 with velour pads is that the treble was a little more pronounced and airier, the bass...
  23. jupitreas

    Why would anyone want just one headphone?

    I'm more than happy to get by with 2 headphones: 1. Hi-fi open-back circumaural for the home/office (Sennheiser HD600) 2. Good closed supra-aural that doesn't require amping for portable purposes (Sennheiser Amperior)   I am one of those people who generally favors a neutral sound...
  24. jupitreas

    The Audio Technica M50 studio monitor thread

    If you can live with an on-ear headphone, the Sennheiser HD25 and Amperior are a good upgrade from the ATH-M50, with a similar emphasis on bass and treble. The Amperior is slightly more neutral and refined and more of a real upgrade, while the HD25 is more like a sidegrade.   Perhaps the AKG...
  25. jupitreas

    NAD Model 16 (vintage 1975) review

    this makes sense considering it is a vintage 1975 headphone and you can only rarely find it on auction sites ;)