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  1. bassballboy

    Sub $50 headphones... Porta Pros vs. RP-HTX7's vs DHP-II's vs UR-55's vs. ???

    I read over the stick up top, and those are the three that stood out, but I also know there are a bunch of headphones I don't know about.   I listen to hip hip / pop / modern rock (three day's grace, disturbed, shinedown etc).  I want something comfortable first and foremost, but I also like...
  2. bassballboy

    Skullcandy Aviator

    I know I'm going to get flamed for this but oh well.   Anyone listened to these yet?  I'm curious how they are, I listen to mostly rap and want something bassy and clear.
  3. bassballboy

    Need some advice

    Hey all, I'm most definately new to all this, so please bear with me(especially if this has been covered a million times, I apologise if it has). Well, the story is, I just got this new laptop, and I decided the speakers on it are pretty horrible, so I'm looking for some decent headphones for...