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    How to Destroy a Headphone?

    I'm incredibly paranoid about the sonic and structural integrity on my M50. What sort of things (aside from dropping them/smashing them against things) would be able to damage them, and headphones in general? Can playing specific sounds damage the drivers? Can touching the drivers lightly...
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    Portable Amp Required

    Hello, I would like to request suggestions for a recent purchase of mine, the Audio Technica M50. Are there any amplifiers that will improve the volume and quality of the midrange on these headphones? If any more informtion is required, please excuse me and ask for it. I am very satisfied in...
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    Closed headphones for rock music.

    Hello, I intend on crossing the border to New York to purchase some closed headphones for portable and home use. I'd like to make my travel worth the while. I am currently looking at the Audio-Technica M-50s, which seem to do the job well. I don't mind how large or heavy they may be. My primary...
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    Cheap headphones

    Hello,   I am a noob who needs some guidance on the path to audio excellence. Anyway, are there are extremely cheap (by this forum's standards) headphones, less than $200 that is well worth the money? I want to listen to lossless audio. Thanks.