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  1. mc whak

    Rockbox for Archos Studio 10?

    I think that's intended for the next version.
  2. mc whak

    Rockbox for Archos Studio 10?

    I'll third that. It's MUCH nicer than what comes with the unit.
  3. mc whak

    RIAA hit report #1: - DEAD

    SomaFM was the only net radio station I listened to. I feel your pain Nick.
  4. mc whak

    Attack of the Clones- anyone seen it?

    The first time I saw AOTC (bootleg divx) I thought it was alright. Much better than TPM. I then went and saw it at the theater...what a difference the second viewing made. This movie is almost pure crap. The last half hour is pretty good, it's just the first hour and fourty minutes. Most of...
  5. mc whak

    The CHAIR: The final frontier. The ultimate audio "tweak"?

    This is the chair I'm *trying* to get: The chick at the furniture store said between $750 - $850. But of course she won't know for sure until Wednesday. She also claimed that she would give me a discount for waiting (she couldn't find the leather sample book, then when she did it was the...
  6. mc whak

    Do you have other hobbies (expensive?).

    I just got started with the whole saltwater aquarium/reef tank thing about a month ago. I've only put about $250-$300 into it so far (and this is just a small 6 gallon due to lack of space).
  7. mc whak

    John Ashcroft is on Team Sennheiser

    I agree with Redshifter, Adolf Ashcroft doesn't like things that make you happy.
  8. mc whak

    Requiem For A Dream - The movie

    Since this is somewhat of a niche film, how many of you saw Darren Aronofsky's other film, Pi? That too is an excellent movie. Oh yeah, Requiem was WAAAAYYY better than Trainspotting.
  9. mc whak

    very important please read and responde !!!

    I too would be interested.
  10. mc whak

    please be gentle

    First off, I'm no expert. But here it goes. Impedence is resistence. It is measured in ohms. The lower the number, the easier they are to drive. Meaning that 32ohm cans require less power than say 80ohm cans. I hope that made sense (and I hope it is correct). And in my opinion, you can't go...
  11. mc whak

    How do you pronounce AKG?

    I always wondered what the Gmbh was, now I know. Thanks.
  12. mc whak

    Sony SCD-CE775, The Cheapest SACD Player?

    There is the Sony DVP-NS500V DVD/SACD player. sells them for $229 plus shipping (S+H is kinda expensive i.e. $20)
  13. mc whak

    Under $100 USD.. what can I do??

    I don't know why everyone says the Grado's are uncomfortable. I've owned both the SR-80's and the SR-325's. I did bend the headband out a little, but it was never uncomfortable. They may not be as comfortable as the Sennheiser's velour pads, but I wouldn't call them uncomfy. And the SR-80's...
  14. mc whak

    Under $100 USD.. what can I do??

    The Grado SR-80's are definitely worth it. And if you don't like them...return them.
  15. mc whak

    Sony DVP-NS500V owners (question)

    I don't have an A/V receiver. And I don't have a 5.1 channel preamp (well, I do, but it's the DD decoder/preamp that I'm trying to get rid of).
  16. mc whak

    Replacement for Pioneer Elite DV-05 DVD Player

    "Beat $1000 out of him" LOL!!! That's exactly what I was thinking.
  17. mc whak

    Do OTL amps damage headphones?

    I always plug my cans in BEFORE I turn on the amp and have never had a problem. If I turn it on and plug them in I get that snap. I also unplug them before turning the Head off. If I leave them in while turning it off I get the same snap/pop. Kinda strange that you seem to be getting the...
  18. mc whak

    Scoop!! New ETY [pic]

    Quote: Originally posted by OneMalt The things at both ends look like toilets...could they be for "crappy" music? BOOO!!!
  19. mc whak

    Sub-$50 interconnect recommendation?

    I just finished making my BL-1's with WBT clone RCA's. For (2) 1m runs it cost ~$30 per stereo set. Of course I had to spend some time soldering, but to save $60 off of retail per cable...not too shabby. I also ordered a 4ft run of T-14 speaker cable for my center channel (but forgot to order...
  20. mc whak

    I hate best buy...

    You don't want to work at Circuit ****ty anyway. Working on commission at a place like that...ugh.
  21. mc whak

    Dance/electronica suggestions?

    I'd give Plaid a test listen before you buy it. I love Plaid, but they aren't really along the same lines as Paul Van Dyke.
  22. mc whak

    The age poll!!! (i'm 15, how about you?)

    I share my b-day with Sammy Hagar...Oct 13th. There's something to be proud of.
  23. mc whak


    I saw a pic of those last year...well, 2000. It was while trying to find some info on them that I stumbled across Headwize. And now mucho money later.... Someone should buy those though. I've always wondered if they were good or not.
  24. mc whak

    MG Head OTL

    If you'd have ordered before the new year it would have been $330, but they raised the price (not just Headroom, but Divertech as well).