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  1. buffalowings

    If I were a headphone...

    I would sound like a Audio Technica CK10 with crystal clear highs, edgy midrange, and tight bass.
  2. buffalowings

    invitation to logwed for a duel in wisconsin

    logwed, do you agree to to duel me in Ohio? If so, please reply to said thread asap   buff
  3. buffalowings

    unable to upload images

    everytime i try and upload a photo to headfi, it gives me the message, "a temporary error occured, please try again"
  4. buffalowings

    thread reserved: koss cheese headphones

    get ready for a review of the koss cheese headphones   james
  5. buffalowings

    cheese -fi

    any cheese lovers here?
  6. buffalowings

    head-fi member interviews

    Hello fellow head-fier's, talk of being an audiophile being a mainly antisocial/isolating hobby/lifestyle has gotten me thinking on ways in which we could lessen that stereotype.(and have a bit of fun at the same time) perhaps we should conduct a series of interviews so we can better know of the...
  7. buffalowings

    yup..another thread on pizza

    from all the current food threads, it's obvious head-fier's love food. anywho what's your favorite pizza store and toppings? 
  8. buffalowings

    closed until further notice

    never again will i make a transaction involving a person/persons located overseas or out of the continental united states. why? because of my last experience dealing with a transaction. I was involved in a trade with a fellow head-fier located in singapore. i sent my item (purchased for $150) on...
  9. buffalowings

    amp for akg k601

    guys, currently looking at a prospective trade for a pair of akg k601's, would a total airhead by headroom power these fine?   thanks in advance   James
  10. buffalowings

    amazon deal wave #2: monster turbines

    guys, I just got the monster turbine from the second batch of phones from the second amazon deal and i can happily say they come with the upgraded cables and the proper strain reliefs, so if anybody is expecting a order from the second deal, though strangely enough, the two velcro strips weren't...
  11. buffalowings

    head-fiers REJOICE! bose featured in boston sunday globe, headline page on business and careers :D :D :D :D

    any bostonians willing to help me out and scan a copy of the article for fellow head-fiers to see? featured on the lower half of the first page in money and careers from this mornings boston sunday globe, pretty poor article IMHO, attacking monster cable when we many of us group them in the same...
  12. buffalowings

    monster miles davis tributes

    guys, I understand there is a limited edition miles davis tribute headphone package and the non standard edition, what's the difference between the two? the info on the standard/non special edition phones states that they come with "the ultimate headphone test disk  a guided audio tour that...
  13. buffalowings

    stereo singapore

    hey guys, is stereo singapore an authorized monster cable dealer?   James
  14. buffalowings

    monster cordless headphones

    I remember a fellow head-fier that attached a sansa fuze to his ath-m50...oh monster...the justbeats and now...this  I don't know what looks more retro...the portapros or these
  15. buffalowings

    shocking experience (brainwavz m2)

    hey guys, for this last week or two, when I'm walking while wearing my brainwavz m2's, sometimes my left ear gets a sudden jolt of electricity or something like that, are my phones defective? or could it possibly be static electricity build up?
  16. buffalowings

    will I get my package by the 16th (tomorrow)

    guys, my package containing a pair of westone 3's were shipped by fedex on the 10th and shipping confirmation just got updated to "Nov 15, 2010 10:30 PM Arrived at FedEx location WILLINGTON, CT"    do you think it will arrive at my front door by tomorrow? (belmont, massachusetts)   James
  17. buffalowings

    monster customer support

    Here's the story, I bought a pair of monster pro turbine coppers about a month and a half ago and when I opened to package, the semi gloss finish was chipping/cracking on many of the foam eartips and many of the super tips were slightly deformed as well. I sent monster cable a email informing...
  18. buffalowings

    did I just buy a pair of fake monster turbine pro coppers?

    received my monster pro turbine coppers today in the mail, when I opened it up, I found two packs of supertips, one containing the gel super tips and the other containing either the foam eartips or the standard eartips (without gel) anywho, is this right? I also found the adapter packaged in a...
  19. buffalowings

    Ipod line out+total bithead= bit head running in DAC mode?

    if I were to run the total bithead from a line out/USB dock connected to the Ipod, could I utilize the DAC mode in the bithead, or is this just reserved for computers?   James
  20. buffalowings

    MPTC vs MPTC w/ control talk

    I called today asking for the lowest possible pricing on the monster pro turbine coppers and the sales representative gave me two choices, the standard pro turbine coppers for $220 vs $290 for the MPTC's with controltalk, IMO, this is quite a drastic price difference for a remote and...
  21. buffalowings

    an IEM alternative to the ATH-M50s

    I love the sound signature of the ATH-m50s, the powerful bass, the highs, and pretty much everything about them, except for maybe the soundstage, comfort factor (heat, pressure on my noggin) and the bulkiness of it all. Therefore, I'm looking for a pair of IEMs or earbuds around the $100-200...
  22. buffalowings

    should I buy a 160gb Ipod classic now or wait?

    I just sold my 32gb Ipod touch because I was running out of memory, my original plan was to buy a 160gb Ipod classic with the money earned, but is that really a good idea? should I wait till September to see if they release a new version?    James
  23. buffalowings

    recommendations for my next headphone purchase?

    does anybody happen to know a pair of cans that have the sound quality of a pair of grados sr80i's, yet with more sounds isolation and less fatigue to the ears? also, they must be just as easily driven by a unamped portable music player. I love the grados sound, but comfort is a important factor...
  24. buffalowings

    koss portapro vs grado

    my pair of koss portapros have a impedance rated at 60Ohms, yet they run fine through my ipod touch, in fact, if I so desired, they could reach extremely uncomfortably high levels of volume. most of the grados headphones are rated at 32Ohms, with a lower impedance, aren't they even easier to...
  25. buffalowings

    counterfeit grado 225i's?

    I recently purchased a pair of grado 225i's but just for buyers assurance (me), could members w/ more experience please confirm whether they are genuine or counterfeits