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    Great music is 'as good as sex'          
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    FiiO X3 project : part 2

    Please Keep on the subject
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    Would you buy a SONY Walkman made by Cowon?

    Would you buy a Sony Walkman made by Cowon with flac/ape........ support, good SQ, microSD and at least 20 hours of battery life? How would imagine this DAP to be? touch/no touch/ buttons on the side/......
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    Ibasso Dx100 bugs to fix or features to add : Please tell us what you want to fix or add

    Please Ibasso fix the following Bugs and features missing:   1. Embedded album art not displaying for FLAC or ape files.PLEASE IBASSO FIX THIS!!!!!!! 2. No way to delete a shortcut widget from one of the home screens! 3.Even if the screen turns off, the volume buttons should be...
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    New unannounced firmware for HM-601 version 0.07