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  1. jupitreas

    V-Moda has great support

    Hello Head-fi, its been a while. I decided to post here again after a long leave of absence simply because I have just had a very positive experience with V-Moda's support. My Crossfade2 Wireless Rose Gold developed a somewhat minor flaw (some creaking noises on one side) and V-Moda replaced...
  2. jupitreas

    NAD Model 16 (vintage 1975) review

    NAD Model 16 vintage 1975 review Disclaimer: This review is not based on any objective measurements. I am merely giving my own subjective opinion on how these headphones sound, compared to other headphones I have on hand. Your mileage may vary. The Story I recently bought this...
  3. jupitreas

    ATH-M50 sweat pleather solution

    It is fairly easy to sew a thin layer of velour or cotton (or other soft, breathable, natural material) onto the pleather earpads of this headphone. Pictured below is my first attempt at this - rather rudimentary, but the next attempt will surely have fewer creases. It is possible to use velour...
  4. jupitreas

    Small active near field monitors for 100$?

    Hello all,   The thread's topic should be pretty self-explanatory, but let me give some more details. I have recently completed assembling a nice computer for home studio work. This system is not meant to compete with the high end systems I use at work, it is just something that I want to...