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  1. Cotnijoe

    Unique Melody Announcements, Impressions, & More

    UPDATES: Unique Melody Mirage and Maven Announcement! (Post 320) Unique Melody 3DD-Ti Announcement! (Post 213) North America Tour Info. (Post 106) European Tour Info. (Post 129) 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration (Post 35) Hi Everyone. Lawrance with Unique Melody here. We have quite a...
  2. Cotnijoe

    Attempting a DIY CIEM Project!! Need Help!!

    Hey all! Me and a good friend of mine, @MrCaptPlanet are trying our hands at a DIY project and making a CIEM, purely out of interest in this hobby. We are at a university setting so we have access to quite a bit of pretty cool technologies that just take a bit of discovering.   Only problem...
  3. Cotnijoe

    New iBasso Portable Amp/DAC: iBasso D14 "Bushmaster"

    iBasso has been a huge player in the past couple of years in the DAP market with their DX50 and DX90 players, but seems they're finally back in the portable amp game! I'm not sure if there has been posts elsewhere yet, but they announced their new portable Amp/DAC device on facebook yesterday...
  4. Cotnijoe

    Any bluetooth iems that work with Sansa Clip?

    Hey guys. I'm trying to find me a rig for exercising, and I'd love to eliminate cables.   I love the size of the clip but I also know that it doesnt have bluetooth compatibility, so unless I get some sorta external bluetooth device that can go into the 3.5mm jack or something im outta luck.  ...
  5. Cotnijoe

    Difference in soundcheck of apple products. Any ideas?

    Hey guys. I was listening to some songs using LOD from my ipod classic (7th gen. newest model) and i noticed a couple sounds that were VERY loud and VERY soft. I checked that with my iphone and my itunes, both soundchecked and found that the volumes were fine in those two. It seems the...