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  1. Zeebra

    Reply to review by 'zeebra' on item 'Sony MDREX10LP/BLK In-Ear Headphones'

    I did mention the slight emphasis on mids and highs, but I find it very comfortable. I only like the earthquake bass in movies. On top of that I don't usually relate with internet reviews too well. For instance, I hear a lot of criticism that my speakers (B3031A) "dont hav enuff bass", while I...
  2. Zeebra

    Review by 'Zeebra' on item 'AKG K 272 HD High-Definition Headphones'

    Value: I paid a steep price for them, you can get it for about $129 nowadays from some places, which would drive the value a lot higher. Still okay IMO. Audio Quality: Doesn't distort, doesn't cause ear-fatigue which I'm usually sensitive to, authentic and unemphasized, precise lows, natural...
  3. Zeebra

    Review by 'Zeebra' on item 'Sony MDREX10LP/BLK In-Ear Headphones'

    Value Having a thing for throw-away grade earbuds, I saw these pretty sleek things for 9,90€ in a supermarket and thought hey, why the hell not! I wasn't expecting anything, but damn these little things surprised me! Audio Quality The lowest of low frequencies roll off ever so slightly, so...
  4. Zeebra

    Review by 'Zeebra' on item 'M-Audio Fast Track Pro 4x4 Mobile USB Audio/MIDI Interface with Preamps'

    Review equipment: AKG K272 HD, Sony XB-500, Sennheiser CX-300 II and Behringer B3031A studio monitors. Compared with FiiO E7 and Realtek ALC892 integrated. Value I gave it the full score, because I got it for $120, yet it includes diverse inputs, balanced 1/2 outputs, switchable headphone...