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    Show Us Your Vipers Nest!

    Awaiting house renovation...
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    Inspire IHA-1 tube headphone amp

    Yup, and Dennis is easy to deal with and very responsive (humble too), which is somewhat unusual for a designer of his stature. This is very interesting as an "upgrade" in the same vein: Don't know how much he had in the design if at all. Very...
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    Least maintenance tube amp?

    Microzotl. Berning's tube designs are reliable and indifferent to tube rolling and last much longer than most other tube amps. The only caveat is that it may not be an ideal match with the T1.
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    JVC HA-FW01 - The New Top End Wood Driver IEM (2017)

    Thanks for the info. Price seems to be about the same at Amazon Japan. Interesting that eBay (US) has a listing for $299 new and free ship.
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    Inspire IHA-1 tube headphone amp

    I have both the Woo and the Inspire.  I use the Woo to drive any headphones that the Inspire cannot (drive well/dynamic); HE1000, HE560, T1.  The Woo can drive just about anything out there, but is a bit cloudy when compared to the Inspire.  The Inspire is uber clear/transparent without being...
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    MICROZOTL2 Tube Headphone Amp and preamp: a breakthrough device

    Did David Berning design this?  Or as least consulted and what are his findings regarding the LPS as far as improving the sound quality of the MICROZOTL2?  Thanks.
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    Anyone use a tube preamp with solid state headphone amp?

    Yes, unless the tube preamp sounds like a solid state preamp.  What tube preamp did you have in mind?  Most will disagree but using any  preamp before the headphone amp will likely improve the sound in terms of musical "flow and pace" for lack of better terms.  Not to get into the passive vs...
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    Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

    Massdrop name: Compassionator   DIY stuff.  Specifically kit home/single driver speakers (Madisound, Meniscus, Parts Express).  Special Massdrop only kits.
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    Zotl10 a 10 watt speaker or headphone amplifier using the EL84 tubes. . .

    Hmm, interesting.    10 watts seems a bit much for a headphone amp and not enough for speakers less than 92db.  More like a tweeter/mid amp or to drive a true high efficiency speaker with solid bass like a Klipschorn or Hartsfield.   Also, $2400 seems overpriced for something not built by...
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    Hottest Sonic Electronix deals and promotions.

    Thanks guys for the heads up.     No doubt Sonic Electronix combo deals are awesome.
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    ESS RLM-713 On-Ear Woodie Headphones - Impressions and Discussion Thread

    The MSR7 is a good hp to compare the 713 against as it is in about the same price range, relatively prevalent and closed on ear.  The MSR7 is voiced towards refinement/finesse', is clean sounding with a pleasing mid bass hump which gives the music a nice, if not metronomic, foundation.  However...
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    Closed Headphone for ~$500

    I would recommend the AKG K550, unless you want to go all the way up to a LCD-XC.  I've got both, and yeah, the XC does some things a bit better, but the K550 is far from embarrassed by it and in terms of musical enjoyment is its equal and surpasses it in the comfort department.  Save the extra...
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    Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon Now Available

      Significance of 200 orders....
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    Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon Now Available

    How about 3x: Chord 2qute?  Will make the LC "look" big and powerful.
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    Cypher Labs C6iem

    Yeah, more or less left it playing continuously through an old receiver, but periodically raised and lowered the volume.  BA iems don't/shouldn't really "break-in", probably more electrical; wiring and connection/solder/compression joints break-in.  And of course we become familiar with the...
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    New Cavalli Audio Portable Amp officially in the works

      No, not always.  But, airplay sounds better than wired via lightning out from iphone/ipod/ipad to apple compatible dac.  And even for redbook lossless in home computer stereo system; airplay to dac is better than source usb to dac.  Try it out for yourself.  Apple tv is only $99.00. Though...
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    New Cavalli Audio Portable Amp officially in the works

    Airplay sounds better.  Way better and you don't even have to go lossless.  Amazing what happens when you remove the wire.  One of the overlooked "secrets"/protocals in digital playback.  Airplay is shockingly good and is so much better than wired from iphone/ipad to Apple approved dac (i.e...
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    Grado e Series

    QC issue for sure, but how do you defend Grado when they know they have a QC issue and they choose not do anything about it? The first pair of Grados I bought in the early nineties had fuzzy distortion in one channel.  The second pair went dead in a week.  I recently bought the 325e which had an...
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    CanJam at RMAF 2014 impressions

    I've never been a big believer in cables myself, so how did the wywire cable improve the sound of the lcd-xc?
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    Grado e Series

    "Brief" = one paragraph of how it sounds and no comparison to any other Grados or specific headphones.  More of a promotional plug.  Almost any one of the Grado fans on this forum could have done a lot better. 
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    DUNU World's First Patent Pending Hybrid Earbuds--Alpha 1

    Thanks for the info.  I thought that $500 was high as the Dunu 2000 is $300. 
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    Grado Labs NEW e series headphones and loaner program!

    Hmm, I know it is still too early to be making generalizations, but based on what I've read thus far is that the e series Grados are smoother and darker than there predecessors.  I tend to agree that older Grados are bright and in your face, but in an appealing way.  For me at least, that is why...
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    Bottlehead Amplifier Discussion / Comparison Thread: Crack, SEX & Mainline

    If "diy" you mean that you can build your own cabinets, I would put the $200 in a pair of single "full range" drivers.  Markaudio or Fostex is a good start and the have drivers in all sizes.  I think that BH has a plan for the Fostex FE166e; "SEXy speakers."  Or Fostex FE103en in simple bass...