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  1. vicentk

    CM IEM suggest for replace the Andromeda

    Dear All   Now I'm use AK380 Copper + Campfire Andromeda w/Plus Sound X Series Silver/Gold 2.5 TRRS, and love the female sound in this setting, but Campfire don't had CM, may I know did any one give me some CM IEM suggestion, is it close of better female voice than Andromeda. I'm love female...
  2. vicentk

    I want to found a IEM sound tone like Grado SR80

    Now I'm using ER4P , but this IEM sound tone is more cold , as one time I had try Grado SR80 , the bass and soung tone is my tea . As now I want to change my 4P , which is better for me ? I 'm looking in UE Super fi-5pro and Shure E4C . Pl's HELP
  3. vicentk

    Hard to make a decision , pl's help me

    Hello ! I'm a ER4P user now , and I want to upgrade to UE products . First I'm using i-Audio X5L to listen blue / jazz in wav files [ just listen female sound ] . I'm not a basshead , I like more warn music [like tube] , ER4P is good , but the treble is to sharp , I'm want more...