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    Don't bend your wires, don't touch them at all!

      Quote:   Standard practice is to take a 0.1% offset as the plastic instability, although plastic deformation usually occurs before that.   Quote: Hibbard et al, 1958. Strain is different from grain size.  ...
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    New direction for RudiStor!

    All the MOTs I've heard here like to keep things proprietary, but honestly speaking the audio community is small enough that counterfeiting is pretty much impossible. There will always be people from China who are willing to take oscilloscopes and possibly electron microscopes to your chip if...
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    This thing is breaking the site, remove it.
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    amp for hifiman he-5le

    Any reason why you feel the M^3 is not up to scratch? If you really want to spend money, maybe you can try upgrading other parts of your signal chain (source)?
  6. cegras

    HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

    Quote:   A good faith effort isn't enough for our money, though.  
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    Hifiman HM-801 RMAA Tests

    WalkGood: The first set of pics you linked showed (what seems to me) excellent soldering. Maybe they cleaned up their practice?
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    How do I convince people that audio cables DO NOT make a difference

    Quote: Well see, there's the rub. Patrick has the same attitude as you, but taken to the extreme. He has ditched electrically sound equipment (e.g. power line conditioners) for 20,000+ passive conditioners and cables, much as some of you would like to claim a 1000 cable can make as much...
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    How do I convince people that audio cables DO NOT make a difference

    Do any of you cable believers also subscribe to Patrick's investigations? Given that you both believe that cables, ERS paper, and passive conditioners can make a difference, I would be surprised and skeptical if you do not follow in the same pattern of thinking as he does.
  10. cegras

    REVIEW: JHC-A2 DAC/amp very interesting unique product

    "The amp portion features the older but still nice Texas Instruments TPA6120A2"   Are you implying that age makes this chip bad?
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    Amp Combo for Denon AH-5000

    Get a job first.
  12. cegras

    Hifiman HM-801 RMAA Tests

    Quote: Absolutely not. I don't mind doing it. But if I can't distinguish it, what does it prove?   a) I can't hear the flaws in a $800 product; the rolloff is justified and doesn't matter. But that implies some things:   b) If we can't distinguish such a difference, how will you...
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    Hifiman HM-801 RMAA Tests

    Quote: Whoa, you're asking us to blind test these players when you won't blind test cables? I have never bothered to test my hearing, and I suppose one of these days I can try with those files. But calling us out on 'not blind testing' is pretty damning to your own philosophy.
  14. cegras

    Hifiman HM-801 RMAA Tests

    Quote: Do people actually respect you?   In any case, just don't talk about things you don't know about (which apparently is a lot and includes roller coasters). You're only making yourself seem more ignorant, bigoted, and inane.
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    Remove the scrolling animation when you post with quote or similar

    You don't have to change the forums back, but this is making me dizzy. Can you at least fix this?
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    Hifiman HM-801 RMAA Tests

    Quote: Please stop talking about things you know nothing about. The roller coaster ride was designed entirely with physics and engineering; do you think they just looped some pieces of metal together and hoped that it would work? The maximum Gs and speed, along with acceleration and of...
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    5 Star reviews bonanza

    I'd say this is great proof that no single claim is trustable in audio except for your own ears, viz all these so-called reviewers with golden ears and makers of audio equipment.
  18. cegras

    How do I convince people that audio cables DO NOT make a difference

    Thank you, your immense inanity is well appreciated by at least me.
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    How do I convince people that audio cables DO NOT make a difference

    Quote: Originally Posted by JaZZ Well, my point is that a great majority of solid-state amps has indeed measuring specs (= measuring flaws) way below officially accepted hearing thresholds. Moreover they can't be distinguished in DBTs, at least that's what I get from the posts here. And...
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    Hello Head-Fi! Phiaton offers you free gear!

    Honestly, a headphone doesn't have to be awesome. I can still cry to On and On and On by Wilco off Apple earbuds.
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    Chinese Clone of Beta 22

    If you're interested, buy the damn thing yourself. Nothing angers me more on these forums than reading about people expecting to be spoon fed with all the 'right' answers from all the 'right' people. I once fell prey to this shameful act; never again. The clone looks cheap enough for you to...
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    Mica pad query

    You could try something from Chomerics. ->
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    K-702 vs. HD-800 Blind Test...on my girlfriend

    Or maybe head-fi is just a big ad-sponsored forum. Hm.
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    Post pics of your builds....

    Won't you pick up hum from the mains because AC is time dependent, and thus generates a fluctuating magnetic field? AC is sinusoidal, so it will produce an oscillating magnetic field that could inductively alter nearby conductors ... maybe? edit: Woops, I just restated what everyone said.
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    Why are Little Dot amps so inexpensive ?

    Is there really a 40 hr / week law in China, or are you simply extrapolating from Western law?