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  1. squallkiercosa

    Reply to review by 'squallkiercosa' on item 'VSONIC VSD3S'

    Even at 60USD they're a good deal. 
  2. squallkiercosa

    Review by 'squallkiercosa' on item 'Sony XBA-3SL'

    The entire Sony XBA Line is stunning: very sensitive and well executed lines, comfortable despite size, flat cable, nice case, a 90'plug.   The first time I tried the Xba3 the sound wasn't appealing at all. Unnatural and spiky treble, (some people refers as metallic sound) and didn't cope well...
  3. squallkiercosa

    Review by 'squallkiercosa' on item 'Westone 4R with Removable Cables'

    Bass response doesn't bleed to the vocals or any other frequencies whatsoever, lightweight cable with no microphonics and a narrow plug to connect to portable devices. The Westone has a powerful, detailed and clear sound that does not under or overemphasize anything. A polite sound as another...
  4. squallkiercosa

    Review by 'squallkiercosa' on item 'Shure SE215'

    I don't consider them nice or even fun thinking about sound, but every time I'm working out I feel like I made a great investment. Going out with my Westone 4R or my customs make me feel paranoid to some extend.  The Shure isolates incredibly well, just like an Etymotic without the (tips...
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    Review by 'squallkiercosa' on item 'Ultimate Ears 10 Pro Earphones Gun Metal Blue with Roadie Case'

    I noticed so much praise around here that my expectations were quite high and I gotta say: I was not disappointed at all. There's little new we can say about such a famous/infamous IEM. I bought a pair to reshell them and try customs so I can't comment about build quality. Not really a fan of...
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    Reply to review by 'squallkiercosa' on item 'Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6'

    Can you post some pictures?