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  1. squallkiercosa

    Does anyone adjust channel balance wearing headphones?

    I admit: I do hear with my left ear "better" than the right. If you ask me it's about 2-3db for high frequencies, with some equipment the difference becomes relevant, some days more than others, and I was wondering if any of you adjust the balance between channels as well. Thanks
  2. squallkiercosa

    Quality 1/8 3.5mm small plug.

    I need to reterminate a cable and I'm looking for a small plug with enough space for phone/player cases. The only thing I can find available on the market is a cheap "sennheiser" plug, or a ranko plug which is (kind of) similar to the viablue system, is there another option and how bad are those...
  3. squallkiercosa

    how many GB of music do you have?

    There's a discussion topic about music players right now and I was wondering, how many GB do headfiers have in: 1. FLAC/ALAC (lossless) 2. MP3/AAC (lossy) 3. Other formats 4. Total:  You could also mention the streaming services you use.   Thanks
  4. squallkiercosa

    Do you buy used IEMs?

    I was wondering, what do you think about used IEMs? and in case you bought something already, how was your experience? Not going far from the subject, how long last your IEMs normally?  
  5. squallkiercosa

    The Complete Guide to taking proper care of headphones

    Taking proper care of headphones   OK, you've spent a fair amount of money on headphones so you probably want to protect your investment the best possible way. For future references I decided to compile every reasonable suggestion from head-fiers posted on the website. For you by you guys...
  6. squallkiercosa

    Which one looks better: Chromed or brushed Grado 325is

    Silly question I know but I wanted to buy a Grado 325is and I don't know for sure the right one to pick (doesn't necessarily mean new). Pictures are deceiving and I don't usually buy headphones to return them later. I was wondering which one you prefer the most. Thanks
  7. squallkiercosa

    Fostex T50rp or Fischer Audio FA-003/HM5/Jaycar

    Dear Head-Fi community: At the crossroads between these headphones I need your help to decide : The Fostex seems to be a good compromise between quality/price and modding capabilities (I am not particularly fond on soldering but I like the idea of playing with simple mods to train my ears)...