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  1. djbnh

    Stefan AudioArt Equinox Sennheiser cable repair help

    I've reached out to Stefan AudioArt a number of times by phone / the company's website for help in repairing one of their Equinox Sennheiser HD650 headphone cable replacements, but the company never calls back / replies. I'm wondering if any DIYers out there might be of help. I have an issue...
  2. djbnh

    Awaiting (& awaiting) Ryan's 6moons GS-1000 review

    Ryan, Any idea when your Grado GS-1000 review is coming out? The item looks so forgotten on the 6moons "Coming up next from these writers" section. FYI - if your nuptials / marriage is keeping the review from being finalized these past months, one can understand.
  3. djbnh

    6moons(Ryan Clarin) review of RSA Hornet

    I love that BHD812's word "panache" made this review! LOL So did "un-panachoid".
  4. djbnh

    Transcendent Sound Headphone Amp in the offing

    Got the Transcendent Sound newsletter today. It included the following information: Quote: Originally Posted by Bruce Rozenblit President Transcendent Sound, Inc. Dear Customers, Headphone Amplifier I have decided to go ahead and develop a headphone amplifier kit. People keep...
  5. djbnh

    Headphone Story in NH

    Here's the link; I have no comment.
  6. djbnh

    Titleist Pro V1

    Got a couple golfers in the family who requested these for Christmas - any idea who sells them reasonably on-line? In advance, thanks for your reply.
  7. djbnh

    Oakley THUMP

    Article on the Oakley THUMP headphone/MP3 player/sunglasses combo.
  8. djbnh

    Grado 325i "audio asylum tsunami auction" on AGon

    Here's the link: Benefits the Red Cross. I'll put this in the FS section, too.