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    New Sennheiser PXC 480

    Hi. Has anyone had a chance to try these out yet?
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    Need advice on $100 cans for a large head

    Hi, I also have a large head and can confirm that the HD4x8s are quite comfortable to wear. They are light, don't exert too much pressure on the sides of your head (so glasses are not a big problem) and they don't make you sweat a lot, even if you wear them for longer periods of time. They are...
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    Good Portable $50 Headphones?

    PX200W might be the previous (and definitely inferior) model in white. If you do decide to go for the 200-II make sure you get PX200-II and NOT the old PX200, even if they are cheaper.   The PX100 are also foldable and sound fairly nice, but they are open and allow a lot of sound to leak in...
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