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  1. Irick

    Kindle let down......or not :P

    I _love_ my kindle 3. It is my own little personal hitchhikers guide. the only real complaint i could have is the lack of ePub support, which meant that i had to convert my 400+ existing ebooks using Calibre. But at least i know in the event of a zombie appocalypse i've got a little...
  2. Irick

    If you don't like grados...

    I've really only experience with the lower end grado line, but i can say i rarely use my SR-60s anymore. They really don't seem to suit the wide spread of music I listen to and i don't think me head is big enough for the design to sit right.   Just my two cents.
  3. Irick

    My review of the chrome cr-48, the google chrome laptop

    I ended up getting a Cr-48 as well. I love it, best netbook design i've ever had the pleasure to use. It is also possible to load other operating systems if you put the hardware in development mode, but not using ChromeOS is kind of like stealing from google. My only real complaint with the...
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