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  1. D-EJ915

    1.Sub-woofer: Forward v.s. Downward, which is better?

    I'd advise against a down firing sub simply because eventually the woofer will sag.
  2. D-EJ915

    Best Portable MiniDisc

    The R55 wasn't very good IMO. I have a Denon DMP-R50 which kills, the headphone output is great on it (and super loud). I like my Aiwa as well. I think as far as MDLP stuff though the Auvi units were regarded as some of the best. I've never listened to them or the new Kenwoods though...
  3. D-EJ915

    Lets Talk Metal

    This year has been good so far. Living Sacrifice's new cd is awesome, good thing since they got back together to record it lol. One thing I really like about LS is they always go all over the place on their records for the last few which keeps them interesting. Also got Arsis' starve >_> and...
  4. D-EJ915

    Any anime series that you've been enjoying?

    Is it legit anime? I have several terabytes of anime from questionable sources lol.
  5. D-EJ915

    Female Avatars?

    *cough* what? I don't really relate avatars to people too much, I focus more on the name. Maybe I should switch back to the autobot symbol.
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    Any anime series that you've been enjoying?

    Kämpfer is terrible but I probably didn't have to tell anyone that. I was liking Kimi ni Todoke a lot but this last episode (12) was pretty bad and the one before it (11) wasn't very great either.
  7. D-EJ915

    Netbook Users. Good Or Bad idea?

    Just don't expect it to be like your desktop and you should be fine. Everyone that I talk to who complains about the performance is used to huge 17" desktop replacement craptops and those people need a reality check. I just got a vaio P (1.3GHz) and I run my opteron on my desktop at 1GHz and...
  8. D-EJ915

    CRT Flat Screens?

    Quote: Originally Posted by necropimp no... that would be mine... KV40XBR800 304lbs without the stand (the stand is another 70lbs) I've got one of those too, once it settles on the carpet you are never moving it lol. Has some discolouration on the sides (from the speakers I'd...
  9. D-EJ915

    Abandoned Places in the World

    sounds kind of like walking on a volcano
  10. D-EJ915

    A warning for fellow Opera users

    Haven't had any issues on my machines, might be something with your profile.
  11. D-EJ915

    Guitar-fi anyone?

    You can probably get a replacment neck on ebay for not too much, I know people are parting out jacksons all the time on there.
  12. D-EJ915

    Formula 1 (Jenson Button) :-)

    Most of the drivers can win races but they aren't consistent enough to win the championship.
  13. D-EJ915

    Wiki Software for OS X?

    Well one thing is to just try it out, apache, php and mysql are free why not give it a whack. There is tons of open source wiki software out there.
  14. D-EJ915

    ATH-A500 vs ATH-A700 vs Beyerdynamic DT770 80

    Not sure how relevant to the discussion it is but the A700s are $119.99 at right now w/free shipping. I was thinking about getting some for myself but not too sure. (I had the A500s a few years ago and they were pretty awesome but are giant and get hot)
  15. D-EJ915

    post pics of your headphone set up and listening area

    Quote: Originally Posted by gp_hebert Nice unicomp, I've got one of their 122 key models.
  16. D-EJ915

    Opera 10 has landed!

    You can also right click on the tab and click detach...this is the way I've always done it. The thumbnail preview tabs sure are snazzy lol.
  17. D-EJ915

    What Do You Regret Not Doing/Doing In College?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gatto oh yeah, and stay away from the drugs. Drinking, go for it if you know your limits but one of my friends was brilliant before school. As soon as he got to school he started doing drugs, he went from pre-med to microbiology, to chem, and now that he...
  18. D-EJ915

    Got my NEC drive today

    well, they do have analog and s/pdif outs on the back, but I've never actually used the s/pdifs, so I dont' know how they work...
  19. D-EJ915

    "its" or "it's"?

    For most people (that are stupid) I tell them if they think they should use an apostrophe then they are probably wrong and shouldn't. The worst offense is when people use apostrophes for plural forms.
  20. D-EJ915

    Is there a way to transfer data from 1 PC to another?

    Quote: Originally posted by andrzejpw Honestly, the time that it'll take to swap out a hard drive, swap it back in and the trouble that it might cause isn't worth it. I've noticed that 98 and XP don't really like to network much, and crossover cables are like 15 bucks, why not just...
  21. D-EJ915

    Got my NEC drive today

    just a question, is it possible to turn newer CD-Rom type devices into cd-players??...I was wondering...since I've got a million
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    Any anime series that you've been enjoying?

    just wait for the incest episode lol, left me shaking my head a bit
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    Need a recommendation for a new pair of phones.

    NGE!!!! (aka Evangelion; eh-van-ghel-e-on), they won't sound bad, but they will sound better with an amp, I'd say that they require an amp much less than the HD600...
  24. D-EJ915

    Audible Differences in Copper vs. Silver Cables?

    do you guys know of a good place online to buy cables (like...with and without connectors)...thanks