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  1. flentge

    New Phone

    Thanks for the reply buddy.   Cheers
  2. flentge


    Thanks guys. A friend from out of state has a iBasso D4 they will sell me for $100 so maybe I will pick that up.   Cheers Josh
  3. flentge

    HM-601 or J3

    Hi all, looking into new portable music source. I have Grado SR-60i and will be picking up RE0 in the next month or so. I am looking for the best audio quality. I want something that will play flac, and have good size storage whether it be on board or small card storage. I have a 120g ipod now I...
  4. flentge

    New and need amp suggestions

    Thanks for the reply. I think I may up the budget a bit. I am now thinking about either the iBasso D2+, Fiio E7, the the Airhead that shipsupt suggested. What are some of your thoughts? Again I am probably going to purchase the RE0, and allready own the Grado SR60i.     Cheers Josh
  5. flentge

    Dell Mini

    Thanks very much for the reply     Cheers Josh
  6. flentge

    Dell Mini

    Hi all,I'm looking into buying a Dell mini, just one of the cheat ones ($300-$400). It will be used to upload photos on vacation and be a music player in the new garage. Music wise it will be run through the Mavrick Audio usb dac to some speakers I have laying around. Hooked up that way will the...
  7. flentge

    Re0 or Panasonic HJE900

    thanks guys. I also was kind of looking at the Rains, now that you mention them.     Josh
  8. flentge

    Re0 or Panasonic HJE900

    Hi all, I'm looking at these two iem's for my first iem purchase. I listen to bluesy rock, classic rock. A lot of the music I have is live audience recororded that has not really been e-qed right. Sometimes the lower frequencies in voices will mix with other lower frequencies and sound real...
  9. flentge

    Alac and gaps

    Hi all, I am starting to put live shows on my 120g ipod classic and am converting to Alac. I would like for the tracks to end up on the ipod without any gaps. I select gapless when adding to the ipod itself but notice when I play the tracks there is a small gap between each. I this something I...
  10. flentge

    Maverick D1 & Grado 60i

    Hi, so is this a problem with all Grado and this unit, or is it with all headphones and this unit? If it is just Grado, can you suggest another hp in that price range that will work and will sound really good? Thanks Josh
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