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  1. Brat_Boy

    Zen Vision: M battery life

    My Zen Micro broke after going through the wash (slap self), so I'm getting a new player. Best Buy is sending me a voucher for the value of my Micro (they actually made good on the warranty!), and I'm thinking of getting a Zen Vision: M, since I don't like the Zune or iPod too much (and their...
  2. Brat_Boy

    What's my weakest link?

    So, today I got back to my main setup and plugged in a pair of SR80's. They sound better than my speakers, but everything sounds quite a bit worse coming straight from my Zen Micro, no amp. What can I do to improve the sound? Buy a pocket amp, buy a more robust MP3 player (hopefully not)? I love...
  3. Brat_Boy

    New stereo amp needed

    My stereo amp died a couple months back and I got some $30 Altec Lansing VS4121 speakers to replace my nice ones for now (2.1 system). They're not bad, but not the sound I'm used to. I used to use either a pair of Aiwa SX-WNA555 speakers or a pair of Sharp CP-103's. I also used a big subwoofer...