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    [REVIEW] Alclair Reference

    Alclair Reference   As a few close members may have noticed, I have been mostly inactive on Head-Fi for a while now due to various reasons. With my Head-Fi hiatus, I have been able to focus on school and other hobbies, and also gave my wallet some time to recover, until I found other things to...
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    First Graphene Earphones? Check it out

    From simple images, the first thing that comes to mind is Orthodynamic
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    Sleek Audio SA7 Impressions, and Discussion Thread!

    Well browsing my Facebook, I just noticed that Sleek made a status about their new SA7 which has been rumored for QUITE some time now. Here it is, hopefully no one else posted before me. After owning the SA6, I hope Sleek fixed some of the minor flaws associated with the VQ Tuning system. O...
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    Switch from E11 to Arrow 4G, a comparison

    E11 to Arrow 4G, a comparison   To be honest, I really never believed in portable hi-fi as the bulk gets too fat and it’s hard to appreciate good music while constantly on the go. That’s why I never found interest in dedicated portable amplifiers until when I tried the JDSLabs C421 amp at my...
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    University Paper Help!

    Hello Head-Fiers, I am currently studying Communication Studies in my University and I have a term paper to write that is due on the 20th of November. I have a solid topic, thesis, and experiment. The only thing that I'm missing now is some "references" and "sources" that is applicable for MLA...
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    [REVIEW] Audéo PFE232- Planx

    Phonak Audéo PFE232 Review   I’ve had the PFE232 for at least a year now and I was planning on doing a review quite a long while ago, but things got in the way… Anyhow, I’ve decided that I should make one as the Audéo brand has literally erupted since the original PFE112 debuted. I’m not...
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    Better sound with more hours?

    I remember hearing a myth where speakers sound better as they get older (so technically with more hours). I find this to be true with musical instruments because as a Clarinet player myself, I found my Wood Clarinet to sound better every year since I bought it new and I'm sure a lot of Violin...
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    Calyx Coffee DAC vs Nuforce HDP?

    I currently have the Calyx Coffee DAC for my Laptop (I normally use my CD player for music, but despite certain circumstances, I have to resort to my PC often) and I was wondering if anyone has good experience with the Nuforce HDP. I originally bought the Calyx Coffee for it's useful Track Skip...
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    EF2A problems. Need suggestions!

    Okay, the HifiMan EF2A has no physical problems. The only problem is that I just bought a Marrantz CD5003 CD player and the EF2As volume knob is TOO sensitive and there is a channel imbalance... So... Even though the volume knob has, lets say, 10 cm of rotational roll and because the Marrantz's...
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    September 16th Vancouver Head-Fi MEET!

    OK nice and simple. Local Head-Fi meet. Sunday, September 16th @12:00-5:00 PM (obviously). At Coal Harbour Community Center. Most likely would be Sponsors. Bring your gear. Share your gear. Talk and have fun! This will be (hoping!) a large local meet right here in Vancity! Like I said above...
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    Shure SRH1840? Who has it?

    Really interested in the SRH1840... Being a Canadian, it's hard finding a lot of info about these and I was wondering if anyone had the SRH1840. Also would be interested in some Senn HD700 info too! I know both models are very rare and non-existent. I just want general impressions and details...
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    [REVIEW] Etymotic HF5 or the ER-4S?

    Who here wants the cold and precise Etymotic ER-4S? No? Who here wants the cold and precise Etymotic HF5? Who doesn't know which Etymotic to choose? Luckily, I have both and I have owned every other Etymotic product before that as well (minus the ER6). Personally, I’m a huge fan of Etys mostly...
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    hd-25 cable options...

    Hey HFiers! I just recently purchased the HD-25 Adidas and already i'm thinking about a re-cable. From what i'm aware of, the HD25-13 has a beefy 600ohm cable and I read a review on them saying it has more mids overall and better balance in the bass compared to the original HD-25 with the 70ohm...
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    Vintage AKG K141 Monitor... WOW

    Okay so today my NEVER USED, BRAND NEW AKG K141 Monitor finally arrived. As soon as I opened the shipping box, the iconic "Cardan" de luxe box is visible with AKG K141 below. I am told that these have the Sextett driver (I have no idea what that means) and my gosh these look good. It comes with...
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    [REVIEW] Unique Melody Re-Shelled SCL3X 3-driver 3 way crossover

    JUST A HEADS UP. This is my own personal review of MY own customized monitors. Many will find this review to be non-beneficial because for obvious reasons... Just doing this to appreciate how well my Re-mold went with Unique Melody and to share my experiences with the SCL3X.   Unique Melody...
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    Sennheiser HD 25-13 II cable?

    Hi, I just have a few questions about the Sennheiser HD 25-13 and the cable. I was thinking about purchasing the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II so what's the difference between the 1 model and the 13? I was told only the cable is the only difference so realistically speaking they are the same product...
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    SRH750DJ problem?

    hey i was wondering if anyone else owning the 750's found the left side to be "stronger"? i feel that a lot of the bass is coming from the left only. btw it's brand new
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    to HD598 or to not?

    long story short, i can get the HD598's for a good price. i've always been interested in these cans and now seems like a good opportunity to seek advice. i own the grado sr225i's and that's about all excluding IEMs.  Music: hiphop, classical, dubstep, jazz, pop. Source: probs laptop with...
  20. planx

    Phonak PFE or brainwavz B2? Both paired with E11

    This is not for myself. I can get a good deal for my gf and she enjoys music a lot so i was thinking of getting her an upgrade from her JVC i dont even care what it is. She runs frequently and the sort of music she enjoys consists of Dubstep, house, country, rock, soul, k pop, c pop, and some...
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    Where do i buy the Rubber bands for Port Amps?

    Hi, im looking for the rubber band thingy that holds your portable device with the portable amp together. Canada or US sites only please!   Thanks
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    Does anyone own the Fiio E7 AND E9?

    I was just wondering who has listened to or owns the E7 AND the E9. I want to know if its worth buying both and how their performance is. I read many reviews on the E7 about it being an amazing DAC/AMP and the E9 for its solid and powerful Amplification as well. Chances are, i won't be using the...
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    Settings for Cowon O2?

    Im just curious about other O2 owners and what their sound settings are. I always keep on frequently changing my sound settings because i feel theres something missing.. Please post your complete sound setup so i can use that as reference and tune my O2 to my liking. Thanks. Other Cowon...
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    Calling all DotA players!

    Hi who here plays Defence of the Ancients? I play regularly and quite addicted to it.. So please if anyone plays or anyone wondering what the game is about please post! Im also thinking of starting a game of DotA so as Head-Fiers we can have fun and discuss material such as headphones and...