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  1. TJ Elite

    Bandcamp Fan Account Registry

    The oasis for indie music known as Bandcamp has probably become my favorite place for discovering and purchasing new music. Simply put, I feel BC is the best thing that has happened to music business since the Internet. Head-Fi has a registry for profiles, but not one for Bandcamp fan...
  2. TJ Elite

    Albums that you love but EVERYONE else seems to hate

    It's been years since I've started a thread, so here's one. I'm sure many of us have at least a few albums among our favorites that all of the critics have condemned with the least polite words in existence and all of our friends frown upon even at the mere mention of their name. This thread is...
  3. TJ Elite

    New CD player or DAC for 3000€ or less

    Like the title says I'm looking to replace my current Marantz SA-15S1 with either a new (SA)CD player or a DAC (I'd use something like a DVD player as a transport for a while and look for a decent (SA)CD player later) that could cost up to twice as much as my SA-15S1 did (they are asking about...