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  1. Mr.PD

    Anybody ever had to have Sensaphonics repaired?

    I'm afraid I need to send my Sensaphonics in and have them repaired. I've had them for a year and a half, and now the right monitor is not working properly. It has almost no volume, and what is there sounds awful. Has anyone here sent their Sensaphonics in for work? I'm a little worried...
  2. Mr.PD

    Which zip utility????

    I need a zip/unzip utility. Mostly just to unzip compressed files. I googled for one and the choices are many and confusing. Not to mention everyone wants 20 to 30 bucks. Is one program better than the others? I noticed that some open more types of files than others. How often would I come...
  3. Mr.PD

    D-Skin CD protector?

    Hey has anyone ever tried D-Skin? It's a plastic thing that snaps to your CDs to keep them from getting scratched. I was wondering if it might have some effect on the sound like some of the mats out there. I haven't seen it mentioned here, and a search came up empty. It looks interesting to me.
  4. Mr.PD

    How can I make mono in to stereo?

    The title of this thread is a bit misleading. I have a friend that recorded his old mono taped music onto CDs and they all came out with sound from just the right side. Not too bad with speakers but it'll give ya a headache with headphones. We are trying to figure out how to split the mono or...
  5. Mr.PD

    The new country music.

    I was reading a magazine yesterday called "Tracks". There was an article about the recent changes in country music. Artists like Big and Rich, and Kid Rock and even Jack White have broken into the Nashville scene. They mentioned a song by Loretta Lynn and Jack White called Portland Oregon. I...
  6. Mr.PD

    I Need opinions on anti virus software.

    My Norton 2004 subscription is going to expire in a couple weeks. Should I simply renew it, or try something different? I haven't had any trouble with Norton. I have been considering getting a software firewall, which I haven't tried in a long time. Last time I tried a firewall program, I had...
  7. Mr.PD

    scroll right for page numbers????

    I hope I am not the only one that sees this. When I view a thread that has more than 30 pages or so, the page numbers just keep going to the right. Sometimes everything else is stretched to the right along with them. The scroll bar at the bottom of the page sometimes is very short, indicating...
  8. Mr.PD

    Multi region DVD players what do ya know?

    Since acquiring a region 2 DVD disc (DVD Audio and DTS DD etc) that won't play on my Sony NS500V player, I have been looking into hacks and multi region players. It is all quite confusing It seems most of the models that are offered are for the UK market. The hacks that I have found were...
  9. Mr.PD

    Paypal dispute resolution not good.

    The first of May I won an auction on eBay and paid via Paypal right out of my bank account. I never received the item. I tried to contact the seller several times with only one runaraound reply. I finally filed a complaint with Paypal on May 25 or so. Today, I got this from Paypal, keep in mind...
  10. Mr.PD

    Should HDCD be a consideration?

    I have been shopping for a new CD player. There are several I have considered. Everything from a modified Shannling T100 to a modified Music Hall. I have always wanted an Arcam FMJ CD23t. The only problem is that the Arcams do not have HDCD capabilities. Neither does the Wadia which is a player...
  11. Mr.PD

    DVD DTS 5.1 is this new?

    I was at the local Hastings the other day, and noticed a boatload of audio DVDs that were DTS 5.1 There was also some DVD stereo audio disc's there with them. I was surprised at the age of the albums in DTS. Hotel California, Fly Like an Eagle and a couple old Fleetwood Mac albums. Is this all...
  12. Mr.PD

    E Mail virus, how to stop recving ??

    I have been getting the same e mail virus from the same person about three times a day, for the last several days. I tried blocking his address, but the e mails always show from somebody other than where they actually come from. Like the last one showed it was from "postmaster" as undeliverable...
  13. Mr.PD

    What do you use for a start page?

    I have used a couple of sites as my start/home site. I am currently using but I really don't like it. I looked at Lycos, but I am not to sure about them either. There has to be something better out there. So, where does your computer go when you hit the home icon?
  14. Mr.PD

    Where can I post pictures?

    I have been posting my pictures at Sony Imagestation and on my personal web page that my provider provides. I can link to the ones on my webpage to have them appear here. Verizon is now down completely and I can't get in to add pictures to my webpage. Are there any other places that I can use...
  15. Mr.PD

    Where is LTUCCI1924?

    What has happened to Lou? I had not seen any posts by him for quite a while. So, I looked into it and found that he last posted on 3/19. That is quite a long time to go without at least one post. I can't go that long. Anybody know anything about Lou?
  16. Mr.PD

    Is Tuberoller okay?

    I was just wondering if Tuberoller is alright. I haven't seen any posts by him in a while. So I looked. He last posted on 3/20 in the early part of the day. Has any of you heard from him lately?
  17. Mr.PD

    AC/DC Fans: It's Official

    I have been hearing that AC/DC had signed a deal with Sony for quite some time. I also heard that there would be a new crop of re-releases. Well it's official, there is a new bunch of re-release coming this year from Epic, part of Sony. Here is the e-mail I got tonight on the subject. Quote...
  18. Mr.PD

    Nordost Black Knight, anybody know these?

    I have searched these forums for info on the Nordost Black Knight interconnect cables. Either nobody uses them or they are just not talking about them. I understand the higher end Nordost are quite good, but how about their low end? I need to connect my Sony NS500V to my Onkyo reciever using...
  19. Mr.PD

    How are you ex-smokers doing?

    I was just reading an old thread from last year on quiting smoking. I have been planning on quiting this coming December. Since that thread went a little south into the Cheech & Chong territory I decided to start a new one. I read how some of you quit years ago and some were trying to quit...
  20. Mr.PD

    Koss vs Audio Technica does anyone know?

    Now that it is easy to get the Japan versions of Audio Technica phones I was considering trying their clip-on headphones from Audio Cubes. Has anybody heard any of these? Could AT be in the same league as the Koss ksc35/ksc50? I have the ksc50's and find them too bassy. I would like to find...
  21. Mr.PD

    A Novice's view of Pana SL-CT570

    I finally did it. I ordered the Panasonic CT570. I figured that I would not be able to hear any difference between it and my Sony D-MJ95. Or, at best I might be able to get a hint of a difference. Well, I'm shocked! The difference between these two players is most significant. Kinda like an mp3...
  22. Mr.PD

    Ety tips flange or foam

    I am considering the Ety ER4p. What I would like to know is: does anyone use the foam tips? I am afraid I would not be able to wear Ety's with the flange tips. I can't wear earplugs that look exactley like the Ety flang tip. I have no problem with foam ear plugs. The flange type goes too deep in...