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  1. MuZo2

    Asian CIEM and UIEM manufacturers

    Kumitate (くみたて) Lab - [Japan]      They have grown from DIY lab to well recognized brand in Japan. CIEM are Japan only. There was a US tour last year. KL-REF is well received in Japan. They also...
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    Chinese CIEM and UIEM manufacturers

    DSEP: They seem to be highend CIEM manufacturer doing custom and universal iems. They do both hybrid and BA based iems. Price seems to be on higher side.     ================================================================================== FLC: They have gained popularity here on...
  3. MuZo2

    oBravo planar magnetic and AMT in ear monitors  
  4. MuZo2

    2015 vsonic iem lineup VSD2, VSD7, VSD9

    VSD2,VSD2S新品暂定3月18日晚7点天猫现货首发,第一批仅供应市场2000条。售价199元,凡单天晚上购机均可额外获得一条价值569元的 VSONIC声学16周年纪念款耳塞(该耳塞通用GR06机型外壳,单元调音全新研制),数量有限,送完即止。正式全面铺货时间在4月初。         离新品VSD7和VSD9两款产品发布时间尚早。VSONIC声学计划在3个月内投放一款GR07极致版让大家抢先试听,外观同GR07配独特配色,声音 部分将直接采用VSD9量产版(分50欧与200欧阻抗)。这款产品售价将会低于VSD9旗舰级入耳式耳塞。该机型预计全球投放300条。预计售价...
  5. MuZo2

    TTPOD T2 Hybrid iems

    TTPod seem to have come up with new IEM after their dual dynamic TTPOD T1 and dual dynamic bio cellulose driver TTPOD T1-E.   One 10mm dynamic driver Two separate BA (ED-29689、TA7801) (unlike others which use dual drivers like TWFK) Impedance 30 Sensitivity 105db Frequency 8Hz~26kHz
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    JVC HA-FXT100, HA-FXT200, HA-FXT200 LTD HI-SPEED   New magnet structure to improve the response speed of the diaphragm Titanium-coated diaphragm with excellent propagation velocity Twin port structure  ...
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    Virtual IEM fitting

    Ultimate ears TF10 fit. I think its one of the most notorious iem and many had fit issues with it.   Westone series , I did not hear many people screaming.        
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    Two new alternatives to choose from while buying two way three driver iem . Fischer Amps FA-3E and the t.bone EP 7

    Fischer Amps FA-3E     Frequency response [Hz]: 20 Hz - 17,5 kHz Impedance [Ohm]: 17 Ohm SPL [dB]: 114 dB     the t.bone EP 7   Impedance [Ohm]: 22 Frequency response [Hz]: 12 – 22000 SPL [dB]: 114  Cable...
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    Bio-Cellulose Diaphragm - Earbuds from CoGoo!!

    While searching for Bio-Cellulose Diaphragm iem apart from famous Vsonic GR07 . I came across this earbud which has following specification.     A6  SPECIFICATIONS Speaker Type Dynamic MicroSpeaker Speaker Driver Φ16mm   Neodymium.N35 , Bio-cellulose...
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    Accutone - Taurus , In-Ear Headset with Bass Tuning Technology

    Anyone here heard these iems ?  
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    Genres of music your IEM plays best ?

    List the IEM you listened to and what genres of music it plays best or you enjoyed listening to. You can also list what its not best for. Without any eq or mod.
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    CIEM- Digital manufacturing-hybrid iem

    I have been on this forum for some time now and after buying some iems both dynamic and balanced armature and also with 3-way configuration, there was always something missing. Now with new hybrid iems like K3003 and UM Merlin, I always thought they would give best of both worlds.  After...
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    Word of caution - custom iem - ear impressions

              I decided to do custom iem and then ordered an ear impression kit from a US IEM manufacturer. Received it after a week.  The kit contained material to create 3 pieces of ear impressions, a syringe and bite block. The material consists of two piece which are to be mixed and then the...