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  1. Pabro

    BEST closed back headphone for classical music

    Hi all,   I know there are other threads dedicated to "closed headphone" for "classical music", yet I still hope to suck you all into this thread. So,   Which is the best headphone (and the whole system built upon it) for classical music, provided that it will not disturb people around...
  2. Pabro

    RCA input switching among sound sources

    Hi all,   I'm writing to ask for advice on switching among sound sources when the amp has only one RCA input.   I have now one CD Player and one DAC, to hoop up with my headphone amp. However, my headphone has only one pair of RCA input. I'll have to plug and unplug the cables to switch...
  3. Pabro

    How to make sure Macbook is directly outputing the 0/1 of the source file

    Hi all,   Sorry if the question sounds silly. How to make sure the Macbook is bypassing sound card and directly outputting the information of the source file?   I'm asking this 'cause I found that the volume control of the software (I'm using COG as the player to play ape file) can...