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  1. WiZoRZ

    Any alternative to Grado SR80 for Hard rock / metal? Can't stand the confort..

    I own a pair of Grados Sr80 (sounds great) but I really can't stand the non-comfort I feel when I use them. I also have a pair of Sennheiser HD449, but I find them lacking in someways... Overall they are fine but I can't compare them to the Grados. I mainly listen to Hard rock, Thrash metal...
  2. WiZoRZ

    Looking for comfortable good sounding headphones in a 100$ price range

    Topic. Looking for something comfortable I can wear for a long period. I will mostly use them at pc but i'd like them to sound good since I might use them from time to time when traveling or just for fun. Full size, over ears, not on ears. I mainly listen to metal and rock. I like my treble a...
  3. WiZoRZ

    Help me make my mind on what earbuds should I buy

    There are so many earbuds that I can't make my choice... I have a 250$ budget, I mainly listen to Melodic thrash metal to Hard rock... I currently have an old 20$ marshmallow jvc earbuds but now I want some quality stuff. Sennheiser? Shure? Bose? Klipsch? any thing else? I'm reading bad...