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  1. Zesty95

    Budget USB- SPDIF converter?

    Hey guys,   I'm looking for a relatively cheap ($150 max) usb-spdif converter to run Laptop--->converter--->Receiver.   I'm told that my Marantz 7.1 channel receiver (sr3001) has a DAC built in or is a separate DAC necessary as well?   I also have a external dac that i can use (Fiio...
  2. Zesty95

    What should i use to power my HD 595's???

    Hi, Im very new to high end headphones and was wondering what would be the best option for running some Sennheiser HD 595's. Would running out of my laptop be ok? or through the output on some desktop speakers or should i invest im some kind of amp?   Thanks in advance!!!!!   Zesty95