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    @rprodrigues thank you!
  2. Meze 12 Classics V2

    Meze 12 Classics V2

    Specifications: Frequency response: 16Hz - 24KHz Impedance: 16Ω Sensitivity: 101dB (+/- 3db) Total harmonic distortion: < 0.5% Noise attenuation: Up to 26dB Titanium coated 8mm mylar driver 3.5mm gold-plated jack plug 6N OFC cable, length: 1.2m No mic & remote
  3. CREATIVE Outlier Air V2

    CREATIVE Outlier Air V2

    Specifications: Total Battery Life: Up to 34 Hours Playtime Per Charge: Up to 12 Hours Per Charge Microphone setup: Single, with Qualcomm® cVc™ 8.0 Technology for mic Controls: Touch Control Software Super X-Fi® / Super X-FI READY: ✓ Siri / Google Assistant: ✓ Water Resistance: IPX5 Certified...
  4. Effect Audio Onyx

    Effect Audio Onyx

    Technical Specifications: - 6 wires - Multi-stranded Palladium-plated Silver - EA UltraFlexi Jacket (insulation) - EA Custom Designed Connector and Y-Split
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    Review by 'dooxtypoox' on item 'BLON BL-05S'

    Video Review Special thanks to Vivian from KEEP HI-FI for arranging to have the BLON BL-05s sent over for a full review. You may purchase the BLON BL-05s with the non-affiliate links below. Price and specifications Price: USD$45.00 KEEP HI-FI Official Store Friendly Audio Store Aliexpress...
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    Review by 'dooxtypoox' on item 'KBEAR Lark "4k" version'

    Video Review Special thanks to Vivian from KEEP HI-FI arranging to have the KBEAR Lark sent over for a full review. These were sent out before the retune so I've only got the "4k" version over here. But the non-affiliate purchase links down in the description below are for the retuned versions...
  7. KBEAR Lark "4k" version

    KBEAR Lark "4k" version

    Specification: Brand: KBEAR Model: Lark Interface: 2PIN 0.78mm(TFZ) Frequency response: 20-20kHz Sensitivity: 105dB Impedance: 16ohm Earphone material: Zinc Alloy + Environmental friendly PO Color: Mauve; Light Gray; Aqua Green Cable material: 4 core silver-plated cable Plugtype: 3.5mm L-type...
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    Review by 'dooxtypoox' on item 'HIFIMAN SUNDARA'

    Video Review Price and specifications Price: USD$499, USD$349 at the time of posting this review. HIFIMAN store HIFIMAN ebay HIFIMAN Amazon Frequency Response: 6Hz-75kHz Impedance: 37Ω Sensitivity: 94dB Weight: 372g Accessories 1 x 1.5m long headphone cable with 3.5mm termination 3.5mm to...
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    @riverground Thank you! After all, it is truly the music that keeps us going in this hobby :) I saw your unboxing video, looking forward to the full review!
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    Review by 'dooxtypoox' on item 'Audiofly AF1120 MK2'

    Video Review Price & Specifications Price: AUD$849.99 / USD$649.99 Audiofly AU Audiofly Amazon Driver type: Six Balanced armature drivers with 3-way crossover Driver arrangement: Dual bass, dual mid, dual high Frequency range: 15-25kHz Crossover: Passive 3-way electronic crossover with...
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    Nice comparison!
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    @Glutenfreechips The inner dimensions are 6.8cm tall and 3.8cm wide. My ears measure approximately 6.5cm and 3.5cm, taking the longest measurements. This may be why I have no comfort issues with these over-ear cans :) The "wrinkled" inner ring seen in the top-down picture above is really soft...
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    @Gamerlingual I do not have either of those amps to test with so I can't help you out there with specific info. But, I can confidently say that you don't need to go out of your way to purchase these amps to go with this pair of headphones. They do benefit from the extra juice but not by leaps...
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    @Glutenfreechips hey there! No problem, I hope you found it helpful :) Assuming safe listening levels in the casual setting you described, conversations nearby are easily drowned out. When the music is paused, I can still manage to hold a conversation without taking them off. Hope this helps...
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    Review by 'dooxtypoox' on item 'Jabra Elite 75t'

    Jabra Elite 75t Review - Mini sub-bass cannons Specifications: Price - 179.99 USD Product page here Driver - 6mm DD Weight - 35g charging case, 5.5g each earbud Frequency response - 20Hz-20kHz (music playback) Battery - Up to 7.5h with earbuds and 28h including charging case Charging time -...
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    Review by 'dooxtypoox' on item 'Sony MDR-1AM2'

    Video Review *This review has been updated as of 5th December 2020* Price and specifications Price: USD$299.99 (tested at USD$176) Sony MDR-1AM2 official webpage Weight – 187g Type – Closed dynamic Impedance (ohm) – 16Ω Frequency response – 3-100,000kHz Sensitivity – 98dB/mW Cable – 3.5mm...