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  1. imp0ssibled

    DT150 Amp?

    hi, wanna ask which is a good 'budget' amp for the Beyerdynamic DT150 which is 250ohms, i was looking at a few namely the LittleDot MKIII, Meier Corda Arietta and Darkvoice DV336SE, or are there other good but not too expensive choices for the DT150 too? thx
  2. imp0ssibled

    Mp3 player with Lineout? [non-ipod]

    hi, wanna ask which mp3 players other than ipods that have line-out too? seems very few players other than apple have them? thx
  3. imp0ssibled

    Confused over DT770

    hi, i wanna ask what are the differences between the DT770 pro and non-pro versions? also it seems locally on my side, they only seem to stock the 32ohms and 250ohms versions, but do not have the 80ohms, i'm also abit confused about which are the pro and non-pro versions of these and their main...
  4. imp0ssibled

    Distortion in earphones

    hi, wanna ask which earphones, either IEMs or normal earbuds type earphones can handle louder volumes without some cracking noises, eg. some drums will sound too sharp at louder volumes when i listen using my earphones ep630 and jvc fx33 [un-modded] on my ipod shuffle 1st gen and the new...
  5. imp0ssibled

    Bassy portable headphone or IEM

    hi, wanna ask for recommendations for a pair of portable headphone or IEM that has bout the same strong bass like AKG k81dj/k518dj....i tried the IEMs like mylarone, mylar3, ep630 n dtx50 which i find all not bassy enough, any portable headphones smaller sized than K81dj but as Bassy to...
  6. imp0ssibled

    headphones for bassheads

    hi, any good choices for bassheads other than k518dj/k81dj?