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  1. matti621

    As a proud owner of Beyer T1, which cans am I missing?

    I have all sorts of cheap cans, in-ear, over-ear ANC, closed over-ears, but they're all for-purpose, while the T1 is for pure fidelity. What am I missing to complement them? Do some preferably closed cans deliver a much different signature more comparable to speakers listening experience? I have...
  2. matti621

    Looking at the specs, which amp it more capable of driving the Tesla T1?

    The Topping A30 or the JDS Atom?
  3. matti621

    Do you own a high end speakers set and still find yourself returning to cans?

    What draws you back to HP's? As anyone who owns both knows it's impossible to reproduce with cans what a set of full range can. In my case it's not being able to listen to loud music just in the time I most desire it which is late in the evening - without loudness it never sounds great. Some say...
  4. matti621

    What's the most overrated can?

    I've owned the hd 650 and I'd say it's both overrated and underrated since it has a charm I never heard in another can while it's far from a "reference" can.
  5. matti621

    Why are there so few decent recordings of operas?

    They are obviously only performed on stage with an orchestra, but is it really that hard to record them properly? Some of the best classical/pop recordings are live concerts, but why there's no quality recording of an opera?
  6. matti621

    Did you own hi-fi speakers which beat your best cans?

    Cheap low end cans beat any speakers up to mid-range, which at that point the performance/price climbs very fast for speakers but decline just as fast for headphones. I'd say that point is around $100. At $500 there's barely any added sound quality gain by spending more.