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  1. lotech

    Retail stores in Hong Kong

    I have the opportunity to be in Hong Kong on business, as I'm also beginning to look at new DAPs I wondered if anyone could recommend shops that I could visit to audition various players, specifically interested in Cayin N5 and AK Jr. There just aren't any places I can audition them where I...
  2. lotech

    long time headphone user, new DIY'er

    I've been hooked on headphones since first hearing a pair of STAX SR40's in the mid 1970's. My current gear includes Sennheiser 414 50th anniversary editions, Yamaha  HP1's and Sleek Audio SA-1s.  I've been using a Fiio E3 (I think) amp and have just bought a JDSLabs CmoyBB amp. I also listen...