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  1. Kazekeil

    Archos 48 IT 500gb or Ipod 5.5 240gb

    Both will cost me approximately the same, and i'll be running them into my V-Moda m80s. The Archos is sooooo tempting for it's sheer size and video support (So much room for .mkv anime and other movies). I'm concerned with how pocketable it is, and it's SQ. I'm not an audiophile, and I know you...
  2. Kazekeil

    A few Cowon Q5 Questions (regarding WinCE and SQ)

    First of all, a hello, as this is my first post after lurking for quite a long time.   I recently bought a Cowon Q5 from gazelle on ebay. In good condition, for only $75. It should be in friday. From what I've read, the Q5 seems to be the Korean version, but the custom shell's language can...