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  1. rawrster

    FLAC downloads for Asian Music?

    Hi, I couldn't really find a good option so asking here. Are there are websites where I can purchase asian music in lossless format? More specifically kpop and cpop type of artists is what I am looking for. I do see artists on 7digital or similar websites however it's typically an album or two...
  2. rawrster

    Turn off notifications in replies

    Hi,   Recently I've noticed a new change when you are posting a message. There is this box that is automatically checked that gives you an immediate notification when there is a reply. Is there a way to turn this off or change the settings so that is not automatically checked. 
  3. rawrster

    FREE GIVEAWAY: Sound Magic E30 [read rules inside]

    So I did this a bit later than I would have liked since work was busy today. The first drawing is for the Sound Magic E30 earphones which I will send out sometime this week assuming work is not busy or Saturday. I did the drawing by typing out everyone's username on an excel sheet and then using...
  4. rawrster

    DAC suggestions for AD2000 and HD800

    So I may be in the market for a new dac and looking for some suggestions. Right now my set up is primarily a Yulong D100 dac and my Violectric V200 amp. Both headphones sound quite good out of this setup and doesn't leave much to be desired. However I am paranoid as I sold my budget dac (which I...
  5. rawrster

    FS ads sorting suggestion

    Hi,   I was wondering if it was possible to sort the FS ads by the currency type such as euro, usd, etc. since there may be others like me who just buy within their our country so it may be helpeful to sort by currency.
  6. rawrster

    [Review] Grado GR10, Ortofon e-Q5, Westone 4, Final Audio Design FI-BA-SS

    Introduction   A few months ago when I got my second custom in the 1964 Ears 1964-T I thought I was done buying new universal earphones. Looking back I see how naive I was then. I bought (on impulse) and sold the CK10. I also later bought the newly released Westone 4 on impulse again like...
  7. rawrster

    [Review] MEElectronics A151

    Introduction   Ever since MEElectronics came into the head-fi scene they have been known to provide good quality bang for your buck products. However up until now their products have all been focused around dynamic drivers. That has changed and the A151 will be their first official release...
  8. rawrster

    [Question] Condensation in earphones

    Hi,   So I was wondering about how one goes about solving the issue of some condensation in my custom earphones?   It was snowing pretty hard today and it resulted in some condensation getting on the inside of my customs. I was hoping that would not be the case when I got home but I saw...
  9. rawrster

    [Review] HifiMan RE262

      Introduction   HifiMan has become well known around here as providing high quality products while being huge bang for your buck products. The RE262 was announced in May of 2010 for Canjam 2010. Having heard the RE0 and RE-Zero and enjoying those two earphones from HifiMan I was very...
  10. rawrster

    [Review] Sennheiser IE7

      Introduction   I have recently gotten my hands on a pair of Sennheiser IE7 which is a real treat for me. These were supposed to be my first pair of good earphones a couple years ago but things never worked out unfortunately but I have finally gotten to hear these. Also I do realize...
  11. rawrster

    [Review] Westone 2

      Introduction   I have recently gotten my hands on a pair of Westone 2 which is another treat for me along with my recently reviewed IE7. The Westone 2 is supposed to have a neutral sound signature so that should suit my signature which makes it all the better. Whether it is something...
  12. rawrster

    Panasonic RP-HJE900 Zircona In Ear Headphones [Review]

      Introduction   My interest in these earphones was piqued by Orange1 when she started this thread about these earphones and thus the FOTM started soon afterwards. The FOTM period came and passed and I ended up not getting a pair until recently when the price went down and I grabbed a...
  13. rawrster

    How To Clean Custom Earphones [Question]

    Hi,   I was wondering how you custom owners clean your customs? I was just thinking to wipe it with water and a paper towel after use or getting something similar to the wipes that Westone has [link here] and found it a bit pricey with shipping being half the cost of that product. I was...
  14. rawrster

    [Review] Radius HP-TWF11r Dual Driver Matrix (DDM)

    Introduction I've recently got my hands on a pair of the Radius HP-TWF11r which I will be referring to as Radius DDM, DDM or something similar since that is much easier than writing down their model number. I originally was interested in this pair of earphones by this review made by...
  15. rawrster

    [Review] Monster Turbine Pro Copper

      Introduction  Before starting I will mention that this review will probably be on the lengthy side. I don't even know how it got so long since this is just one product review. I would like to thank Monster Cable for their generosity in allowing me to test this pair of earphones...
  16. rawrster

    Anyone have ubuntu with icon mobile

    So recently I wanted to try out what dac's were so I bought some cheap entry level one in the Nuforce Icon Mobile. I currently run Ubuntu 8.10 and got it to work kinda. It can work when I'm on amarok only and nothing else. I want it to run on all things like vlc, youtube, etc. I ran a search...
  17. rawrster

    question about portable amps

    Hey everyone, I guess the point of this thread is just to obtain more information about portable amps so this is not one of those suggest me an amp threads :P In terms of the head-fi world I've only been involved with iem's and just being introduced to headphones in terms of audio...
  18. rawrster

    question about shure cable

    i have a couple of shure earphones and they are known to have the infamous cable split. i was wondering if there were any ways to try to prevent that or if there were any companies or people that you know of that can recable these as i dont really want to try to do them myself. i had a cable...
  19. rawrster

    question about shure warranty

    hey all i just wanted to make sure as i dont want to be sending in my earphones for nothing. i recently discovered that the right cable near where the ear loop is on my e4c are kinda splitting..i see a little bit of the silver wire that is inside the cable. that's covered by the warranty...
  20. rawrster

    recommendations for some new earphones

    hi i need some recommendations in the under $200 range for a new pair. I own a pair of ER6i and they broke not too long ago so now I´m using some really cheap sony ones until I buy a new one. I loved the ER6i but it was lacking too much in bass to get another pair. The majority of what...