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    Beats By Dre: The Secrets

    From a business point of view, the Beats are excellent products. They appeal and sell, with little opposition. That's the whole point, good for Monster for doing such a good job. However, this is not a business forum, and as an audiophile [and therefore picky about sound quality in specific]...
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    Etymotic 4p vs. Grado SR325

    I heard the 325s were the best anybody can get for rock music. Oh my goodness what have I done. 
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    Most overrated headphones?

    Don't hurt me... HD800.    I put them on at a store, and they sounded really bad for the price. I'm not really experienced and I didn't listen for long, but there's no way I'm buying that. 
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    Help!!! Looking for first set of quality headphones

    The bass is there, but definitely not overpowering. It's the perfect blend!    Quote:SirPwn4lot   The highs are great on this thing, too.
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    Shure 840 vs ATH M50 vs Beyerdynamic 990 PRO, 770 PRO

    What kind of music do you like? I like the M50, because I like its sound, exaggerated treble and bass. I hear the SRH840 have better sound quality, but I personally do not like the higher quality sound they produce (not because it's high quality, because of the flat sound). 
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    Justin Bieber 800% slower...

    The thing is, it no longer sounds like a voice, more like something out of an OST. Freeaaakkkyyy. 
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    Ronald Jenkees - Rocky Song Remixed Still Alive (Mirror's Edge) - Paul Van Dyk Remix
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    In your opinion, at which price point do headphones provide the greatest value?

    I think the M50 sounds fantastic, too. In fact, if $100 can buy this, I don't think I'm worthy of a $400 sound! But seriously, I wouldn't pay more than $300, tops. That's around the upper limit of the good cans I've seen. 
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    Help me find an alternative to the VESC's my teenage daugther wants me to buy for her

        Quote:furyagain   +1    Great bargain, Denons are known for their bass. If your daughter is concerned with appearance, they look bland but still tasteful. 
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    Help me figure out what to buy?

    Well the M50 isn't open, they sound great, but they're not open. Open backed phones will let noise in and let your sound leak out, so they're not ideal for a crowded bus. Also, these headphones all have very unique sound signatures, so you should look into which suits your favourite genre of music. 
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    How to Destroy a Headphone?

    All right, thanks guys. Very relieving to hear about the grille and the tank-like physique of these. 
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    Just got koss pro dj100 and it's great!

    Thanks, friend, for this thorough reply!    I agree, these vocals deserve more attention when it comes to the M50. Thank god for you saying they're overrated, I knew someone would and it was anxious waiting. Fill definitely look into these phones.    EDIT: Not that I agree with the...
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    Just got koss pro dj100 and it's great!

    Better than the M50? Whoa, that's really something.    Can somebody offer a thorough, but brief outline of these cans?   
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    What "house sound" annoys you the most?

    Hey Germancub, how much better are the different frequencies on the 840 compared to the M50? 
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    will i hate myself if i won't go for a Grado ?!

    You will most certainly hate yourself. I demoed a pair of 125is at a local shop and was impressed by how aggressive these cans were in their presentation of rock music. Bass is definitely lacking, which is why I have not bought them, but I suppose they're perfect for rock otherwise. I personally...
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    Help out a noob? HD215s are surprisingly horrible.

    Just be careful. I must stress how important it is not to judge them immediately.   At first I was like  But then I was like  And now I'm like   
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    What "house sound" annoys you the most?

        Quote:   I wouldn't even consider them to be in the audiophile category as a manufacturer of earphones. I can't imagine at one point I thought their iBuds were all right. What do you dislike about the ATH/Denon V curve? 
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    Audio Technica ATH-M50 Review

    They complement the large headed LIKE A BOSS. 
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    Dr. Studio vs Solo Hd?

    I had a bad experience with the Solos.    I saw them and tried to put them on for a laugh, I accidentally broke them as I stretched them to place them on my head. Something tells me they're going to get stolen if you wear those in public anyway. 
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    Help out a noob? HD215s are surprisingly horrible.

    The headband stretches and it loosens up. It's either clamp or fall off your head. Besides, the pads and really soft and feel like marshmallows. 
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    How to Destroy a Headphone?

    I'm incredibly paranoid about the sonic and structural integrity on my M50. What sort of things (aside from dropping them/smashing them against things) would be able to damage them, and headphones in general? Can playing specific sounds damage the drivers? Can touching the drivers lightly...
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    The Audio Technica M50 studio monitor thread

    Those Beats are muddy as crap. Cannot stand any aspect of those cans. 
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    I use my M50 outside and I think it's fine. It isolates fairly well, obviously much much more than the open cans recommended above (SR80i, MS-1). They look pretty slick on my head. The sound on them will do most of your music very nicely. Although, in your situation you should look at those...