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    Beyer DT770 Premium 32Ω vs AKG K271 MKII impression

    I needed to buy a decent closed headphone for music, movie and fps gaming. I bought these two to compare, but decided to keep the AKG K271 and return the Beyer DT770. Here are some of my impressions of the two. My sources: ripped FLAC or purchased MP3 320kbs -> E-MU Tracker Pre (same as...
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    SRWare Iron: browser based on Chrome without the spying

    This one is for the people paranoid about privacy. Just found out about this browser made by a German company. As the title said, its based on the Chromium source code, but without dialing back to Google server. Check the software link provided for more information and comparison between Iron...
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    i spent too much for a computer psu

    warning: contents included liberal biasm and anti-videogamer enthuism. also mindless ranting. Lately I've been trying to lower the energy consumption of my house. One of the prospect was to replace my desktop with a portable computer. I don't know why I didn't do this until now, but I...
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    Sound quality as relativity.

    Warning: Long and boring. I used to have some quality phones like Etymotic ER4, AKG K501 & K340, and by now I've heard about 50headphones that I considered to be quality sounding. Then I sold off all my headphones stuff. I don't even have an mp3 player right now. I use mainly my Magnepan...
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    ridiculous superstitions that people believe in.

    This is not a religious thread. But today I was a bit amused when someone think getting hit by a broom on the foot is bad luck and they had to spat back at the broom. My parents are devout catholics, but I find it very contradicting when they tell me things like: -Don't take photos with only 3...
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    what about

    Half is another part of ebay that you can buy and sell the media stuffs. I've been using it lightly over the years and I love it. The great thing is it's not an auction, you just list what you have, using the ISBN code, and wait for a buyer. I've sold my college textbooks there with success...
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    Issue with getting 1:1 mapping via Nvidia driver w/ XP

    I wonder if anyone have experience with this. I am using the Samsung 226BW, it don't have a 1:1 mapping feature setting, but possible anyway if enable via the video card driver, which works when I use Vista. But with XP, it doesn't work at all. Maybe it is just this monitor's specifically.
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    a small impression of the Swans M10

    I got my Swans M10 finally, a 2.1 active computer speaker system. First, thanks to the guys who recommended them to me, and I promised I would do a small review. I've only heard it for a few hours, so they are still fresh and unburned. I am very impressed with these Swans. Appearance: I...
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    wrong section, please delete

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    help about paypal dispute case against me

    sold some guy a video card for ~$500 on ebay, the tracking number said delivered, at his house, and he gave me a positive feedback. he had perfect feedback. now he file a suit saying i never gave him the tracking number and where is the items. basicly the guy is lying. and i guess he does...
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    What AAC encoder to use for highest sound quality?

    I never ripped my music to AAC before and wants to give it a try, now that I have a portable player that support the format. There are more than a few names so I'm not sure which one is the best. I tried NERO ACC in foobar, it did has a two pass encoding setting. I like this a lot, it yield...
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    some RMAA tests of my sources, including av710 and emu1212m

    Disclaimer: This sort of a small review for fun. The measurements do not tell the whole story about actual performance and how the devices will actually sound. So I went to test all of the sources that I currently use. Every source is connected to the Emu-1212M input for the test, exception...
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    EMU 1212M Giveaway (read first)

    Okay I know there is another thread already so this isn't so original, but I've thought of doing this two weeks before. But before I do it, I need some opinions. Here is the condition of the card: Bought new 3-4months ago, have everything. But lately it developed a channel imbalance where...
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    emu1212m channel imbalance with vista.

    do anyone use emu pci card with vista and have similar problems or have any ideas? here is my story: so i got a student deal and gave vista a try. short from the 4 hours of frustration getting use to it and setting it to work correctly, i found out my emu1212m isn't working correctly with it...
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    james burke's connections - high recommended

    if you like history and technology, i recommended looking into this tv program. it was shown in 1970s, but even for today it provide excellent information and education about technology around us. the host, james burke, this guy knows everything. he correlated different events in history and...
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    i HATE cheap mini connectors more than anything in the universe

    sorry if this maybe me an unproductive thread, but for godsakes I HATE MINI CONNECTORS and cheap connectors. they are so fragile. and if you are making a cable if you have small cheap one its a pain in the butt to work with. and what you expect to spend 30minutes could be an hour long because...
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    my new favorite soda drink

    first off, i'm not savvy in drinks, and please dont come in trolling about health issues. people eat food to releive daily stress. anyway i've been trying out these Goya coconut soda bottles and they are great. if you look in your spanish or international section of your grocery store you...
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    what is your ideal setting for studying?

    Since I have time off between my classes, I found out that I actaully put in more time studying at school than at home. Sadly. There are just too much distraction at home. The worse is the computer, and then headfi. Music, speakers, just too much comfort. So I ended up going to school...
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    restoring original apple bootloader (uninstalling rockbox)

    short version: i have a ipod 3g, if i click "restore" in itunes, will it reinstall the original apple bootloader? or if it gone, and you don't have the original, its gone forever? long version: i received my 3g today and install the rockbox bootloader and firmware with ease, but it work very...
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    Intel, Conroe, and a question about RAID

    I switched from AMD to Intel because of this Conroe cpu, not sure it was a wise choice. Everything was so easy with the amd and nforce driver. Intel drivers are a headache and have to install everything seperately. I have a previous raid0 array in the Nvidia mobo, now i put it in the intel...
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    Audio component with seperate ground lead for chassis.

    Well I notice my amp and receiver both have seperate ground that is connect to the chassis/enclosure of the device. Instead of being in the usual 3way wall plug connector. I see that this must be widely use for audio component and it help with noises and hums. Where do you recommend connecting...
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    Question for those who used both Archos Gmini400 and 402.

    I'm wondering if the Gmini402 internal screen are any different than the gmini400 in term of graphic quality. I tried googling some image, and it doesnt really seem so, still blocky pixels, but I can't tell if they are smaller pixels.
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    any SolidWorks users?

    Hi, I'm taking a engineer class and been makign some models. For one of the project we built a mini car and race the car it which is pretty cool. The only reason I was able to built the car was because the professor gave all the steps. And me and my partner decide to edit the car from 2 wheels...
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    First time selling at, questions.

    okay so i sold a few things there. Their information are not specific at all. They say they would pay twice a month, but only mention something about 15th of the month. I had to enter my credit card and bank information, although they didnt even check to see if the bank info I enter was...
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    question about AVG Free

    i'm using it to scan my computer and found an old file with a virus. not contageous more likely a tracker. and a couple now and then when i'm browsing the web. but that is beside the point. the AVG only allow me two option, a. move to vault or b. igonore. move to vault means quarentine and...