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  1. FourT6and2

    Thunderbolt 3 Ports?

    Dropped my MacBook Pro tonight. It's FUBAR. Time to get a new one anyway. Been using regular old USB Type-A to Type-B on my dac/amp. But new MacBook Pro has Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) "with support for USB 3.1 Gen 2." Not sure what that means. But what's the best way to connect this to my audio...
  2. FourT6and2

    Suggestions for My Amp Shortlist

    Potential headphones: Meze Empyrean, Focal Utopia. Music/sound preferences: Mostly prog rock/metal and a mix of popular stuff from Zeppelin to modern rock. I want a visceral listening experience. I don't listen to classical, symphony, jazz, etc. Lots of high-gain, distorted guitar and heavy...
  3. FourT6and2

    Headphone Amp Power Calculation

    If the only output power on an amp is listed at 480mW @ 600 ohms, is there a way to calculate the power at other loads? Is it linear? For example would it be 960mW @ 300 ohms? 2.8W @ 100 ohms, etc.?
  4. FourT6and2

    Wireworld Starlight USB: Series 7 vs 8?

    Anybody know the difference between these? As far as I can tell the 7 is 24 AWG and the 8 is 28 AWG. But the same price. Seems like they went to thinner wire (cheaper to make), yet kept the price the same (higher margins). Any other differences? And why would one choose thinner wire over thicker...
  5. FourT6and2

    Need Headphone Suggestions for Hard Rock/Metal

    To keep this simple, the reference tracks I'm using to help me decide are: Tesseract: "Nocturne" Tool: "Pneuma" and "Chocolate Chip Trip" (and pretty much any other Tool track) The music I have is 24 bit, 96K AIFF. Listening on Macbook Pro through either iTunes or VLC. Been comparing with and...