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  1. Sefelt103

    Long listening to headphones

    If you have a single headphone and amplifier you might want to skip reading this. Although multiple headphone ownership is a desirable property for audiophiles it does come with some minor hazards. The part psychology plays in headphones is one. What you believe or have read may reinforce some...
  2. Sefelt103

    What I've learned about audio

    All that I've gleaned from a few years in the headphone/headphone amp/DAC environment: 1. There are two types of audiophiles Type A is an audio purist. These individuals want their whole audio chain to get out of the way to enable them to hear exactly what was recorded. They don't want any...
  3. Sefelt103

    Nationite S:Flo 2 flash memory versus card memory sound quality

    Now I have finally converted my music th Flac and got an external amp. for the first time I have noticed that playing through the microsd slot using LO gives different sound quality (inferior) to playing through the main internal memory. Through the card there is a little less bass, midrange is...