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  1. Aerosphere

    New IEM Lineup from Earsonics. "ES2" & "ES3"

    New Earsonics Lineup! ES-2 & ES-3!       ES-2 | 299 EUR (2BA)         ES-3 | 399 EUR (3BA)         ES-3 SPECS Proprietary Drivers 1x Low 1x Mid 1x High Sensibility: 116 dB/mW Frequency response: 10 Hz -20 kHz DCR: 31,5 ohm Driver: 3 drivers, 3 way croosover with impedance...
  2. Aerosphere

    TIDAL is coming to Astell&Kern players!

    Tidal & Astell&Kern is currently developing a TIDAL APP for Astell&Kern portable devices. What do you think? Let's discuss.   I believe, this endeavor will give them a clear edge over other brands in the market and it will further premiumize the Astell&Kern brand and it's users.